The Ultimate Gymnastics Gift Guide

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Have you ever felt stuck when it came to gift ideas for a gymnast or gymnastics lover that is in your life? Well, look no further for this is the Ultimate Gift Guide for gymnasts! Hopefully this ultimate guide will help you find gifts for birthdays, Christmas, stocking stuffers, male gymnasts, gymnastics coaches, gymnastics parents, and gifts for $10 and under.

Apparel gift ideas

1. Slip-on (Slides) Flip Flops

Gymnasts do not wear socks or shoes on their feet when they practice or perform at meets. Slides or flip flops would make a good gift to a gymnast because gymnasts need something that they can quickly slide in and out of while they are at their own gym or other gyms.

Floors can become dirty due to people bringing in dirt from outside on their shoes or maybe even rocks, debris, or even sharp objects. The last thing you need is for your gymnast to step on something and cut himself/herself, so this gift would be perfect!

2. Team Jacket

If your gymnast belongs on a gymnastics team and does not own a team jacket, is he/she really part of the team?! Team jackets are every athlete’s all-time favorite because who doesn’t like to show off their team with pride? Your gymnast will love wearing this around whether it is a heavy coat, full-zip jacket, pullover hoodie, half zip pullover, or training jacket.

If you are unsure on what type of jacket you would want to buy for your gymnast, your best bet is to go to your gymnast’s gym store and weigh your options because there will be a handful of them!

3. Fuzzy Plush Pajama Pants

Fuzzy PJ pants should be a must when it comes to a gymnast’s uniform! Not only are they super comfy and keep you warm, but they range in style and colors just like any other pair of PJs.

I have seen so many gymnasts wear these pants while they are at meets when they are on the sidelines cheering on their teammates, running to the bathroom, grabbing a snack from the snack stand, and even on the winners podium during awards.

Meet season is typically during the cooler months so if you don’t want to hear your gymnast complain how cold he/she is in the mornings while you’re driving to practice or a meet, then definitely invest in a couple pairs! You can find fuzzy PJ pants almost everywhere for a young gymnast, but I have had the best of luck at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Justice.

4. Leotard

Leos are ALL gymnasts want when it comes to asking them about gifts. Lucky for you, there is a wide variety of different leos that you can pick from and I guarantee you that your gymnast will not have leos that are alike or the same. There are many different brands, styles, colors, patterns- you name it!

Gymnasts basically live in their leos and treat them as if they were “everyday clothes” so there is no such thing as having too many leos. If you have an interest in purchasing a leo for your gymnast but do not know where to start, check out one of our most favourite contents which talks about “where to find great leos“.

5. Gym Store Apparel/Gift Card

I would use this idea as your last resort if you are stuck on gift ideas for your gymnast. The gym store is located inside your gymnast’s gym, and has anything from clothes to accessories that have to do with either gymnastics or your gymnast’s team.

If you are unsure about your gymnast’s style and want to make sure you get something he/she likes, then you should purchase a gift card therefore your gymnast can pick out whatever he/she wants. Like I mentioned earlier, gymnasts love supporting their team and showing off their squad so this would make a great gift.

Personalized gift ideas

1. Medal Holder

For the gymnasts that need something to put all their medals on and to clear off the top of their dresser or bureau, this is perfect! Medal holders can be personalized and can be done by yourself or you can purchase one on Etsy.

For those who do not know what Etsy is, it is a shopping website (or app) that consists of hundreds and hundreds of family-owned shops.

They sell anything from jewelry, to clothes, to home décor, and even succulent flowers! There are a lot of talented people on Etsy that create beautiful work and the owners of these small businesses are willing to work with you to get exactly what you are looking for.

If you are a crafty person yourself then I suggest looking on Pinterest for ideas. You can buy all the supplies you need at your local craft store and do a DIY; I have made one for a gymnast I know and I enjoyed doing it. I also felt good about it because I knew that it was unique and that other gymnast’s would not have the same one.

2. Gym Bag

A gymnast has many things he/she needs to carry around to practices and meets therefore a gym bag is a must! You can buy a gym bag at any department store or sports store where many different types and colors are offered, and you can also get them personalized with your gymnast’s name or his/her team.

3. Ornament

Ornaments are a sentimental gift that your gymnast can hold onto forever. Your gymnast will be reminded each year of their gymnastics career and will be able to reflect on where he/she started and where he/she is today. Another cool thing about ornaments is that they can be personalized as well.

You can personalize the ornament with the year, your gymnast’s team, the level your gymnast is on or even your gymnast’s name. Also, do not think it is strange to give an ornament to your gymnast when it is not Christmas season; giving an ornament as a gift is a very common thing and people do it year-round!

Home equipment gift ideas

1. Beam Set (Folding, Sectional or Low)

Beam sets are great for your gymnast to use for extra practice at home. A lot of gymnasts want to practice outside of the gym to work on perfecting the skills they learn while they are at the gym.

Beam sets are not heavy and they can be placed under a bed, in a den, under the couch, or even in a closet. There are also beams that sit on the ground that your gymnast can use if you do not have a soft floor or padding.

My personal favorite is the folding beam because it is sturdy enough for your gymnast to practice on, but it also sits on the ground. I like the beams that sit on the ground especially for beginner gymnasts because it is tough for your gymnast to get hurt if your gymnast makes a mistake.

If you are interested in buying a beam for your gymnast but do not know where to start, take a look at our comprehensive balance beam for home use buying guide.

2. Panel Mat Set

A panel mat set should be on every gymnast’s gift list! Your gymnast does gymnastics because he/she obviously enjoys and likes the sport, but what about when your gymnast is taking their passion and practicing at home?

Of course, you do not want your gymnast to injure himself/herself while practicing in the backyard, the living room, your gymnast’s room, or even the basement.

Your gymnast can use this mat for tumbling and even stretching where he/she will land on something soft and supportive that is easy on his/her body. Whatever your gymnast uses this mat set for I promise you it will benefit them. Check out our Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice buying guide for more info.

3. Bars Set (Pull-up Bar)

Have you ever seen a gymnast’s back, arms, or shoulders? Gymnasts are super strong and use a lot of upper body strength for a lot of their skills and routines.

Gymnasts need to build up their upper body strength to be able to support the rest of their body, therefore, a bars set for home practicing would not be a bad idea to help your gymnast become stronger outside of the gym.

Gaining upper body strength can take a little while and it is a lot of work, so the extra practice is helpful. One thing I suggest when purchasing a bars set is that you have a mat or something with padding to place underneath incase your gymnast falls or makes a mistake. Having a mat underneath will help prevent serious injury.

Inspirational/motivational books gift ideas from the Final Five

  1. Courage to Soar“ by gymnast Simone Biles
  2. I Got This: To Gold and Beyond“ by gymnast Laurie Hernandez
  3. Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything“ by gymnast Aly Raisman
  4. Raising the Bar“ by gymnast Gabby Douglas

Any of these gymnastics books would be great for a gymnast especially for one who becomes discouraged easily. I say this over and over and over again, but gymnastics is not an easy sport and I give serious credit to gymnasts that stick with the sport and pursue a lifetime career in gymnastics. The Final Five that competed in the Rio Olympics is an all-time USA favorite.

We watched this team grow and saw what great teammates they were to each other and how much hard work, dedication, and determination the Final Five put into their routines. If you have a gymnast that needs extra motivation then these books are perfect.

If you want to make the book personal then look online for book signings! The gymnasts that wrote these books offer signings but you would just have to look online to see if they will be coming to a city or town near you.

“Just for fun” gift ideas

1. Wall Stickers and Posters

If your gymnast has a gymnastics themed room then this gift would be totally suitable. There are wall stickers and posters that are sold online that will help complete your gymnast’s room. There are even websites and DIYs (on Pinterest) where you can create your own poster if you cannot seem to find an already pre-made one.

Fatheads are one of the most popular ones, but don’t stop there! Your gymnast will love looking at his/her new wall stickers and posters because not only are they cute and define a gymnast, but they also can give your gymnast vibes of inspiration.

2. American Girl Doll Gymnast

American Girl Dolls always make great classic gifts for young gymnasts because there is just something special about these dolls.

There are many different American Girl Dolls that are sold and they even have ones that are “look a-likes” so your gymnast can have a mini-me! American Girl also sells gymnastics leotards, warm up suits, and accessories such as DVDs, medals, and equipment sets for the dolls.

American Girl Dolls have been around since 1986 and are usually held onto for forever to be passed down. Your gymnast will be able to practice at home with their doll and it will also be a reminder to your gymnast about what gymnastics means to your young athlete!

Coaches and gymnastics parents gift ideas

1. Photo album/ scrapbook

Photo albums and scrapbooks are good ideas for coaches or parents because they are personal and meaningful. You and your gymnast (or your gymnast alone) can place pictures in these books from the time he/she first began gymnastics to where he/she is now.

It may not seem like it, but time passes by fast and before you know it, the gymnast who was on level 3 is now level 10. This is a gift that will definitely bring tears to eyes because it is emotional to see how far your gymnast has come, so whomever your gymnast plans to give this to make sure your gymnast also gives them a box of tissues!

2. Charm bracelet or necklace

They say jewelry is the way to a woman’s heart, so purchasing a gymnastics charm bracelet or necklace would be ideal for a coach or gym parent.

Gymnastics jewelry is a cute idea because the coaches and gym parents will be able to wear the jewelry during meets, fundraisers, and to conventions/camps. The gym store should have some jewelry accessories there but if not, definitely try Etsy.

3. Team apparel

Just how gymnasts love showing off their team by wearing apparel with their team name on it, so do the coaches and gym parents! When coaches and gym parents attend meets they want to show off whom they are there for and express their pride in their gymnast.

You can purchase merchandise for coaches and gym parents at the gym store, however if you are unhappy with your options at the gym store you can always personalize your own apparel online or by making it yourself and using team colors or by getting the supplies from your local craft store.

Don’t think that the coaches or gym parents won’t wear the team apparel because they will, 100 percent. I know this because I have seen moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, and coaches show off their team spirit every meet I have attended!

$10 and under gift ideas

1. Gymnastics Phone Case

Let’s face it, everyone gets tired of their phone case after a while. They can become dirty, lose its color, get scratched up, and even break. Purchasing a gymnastics phone case will give life to your gymnast’s phone! There are options online (Etsy) where you can even personalize it by putting a gymnast outline on the case, a gymnastics quote, or even your gymnast’s name.

2. Hair ties and Scrunchies

Every gymnast knows how important hair ties and scrunchies are. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a gymnast not wear one because it is a requirement to have hair out of the face so your gymnast can see and concentrate.

Most of the time scrunchies come with a leo that you buy as a matching set so you don’t have to worry about shopping everywhere for a scrunchie that matches your gymnast. Hair ties and scrunchies tend to stretch out or get lost so when you buy these for your gymnast just make sure you get a bunch!

3. Hair clips

Hair clips are always useful especially when it comes to baby hairs and fly-aways. A gymnast’s hair has to be kept out of their face to prevent distractions and so the gymnast can see what is ahead of him/her and his/her surroundings.

The last thing you need is for little hairs to get into your gymnast’s eye and cause your gymnast to lose balance and fall off the beam, not land a back-tuck, irritation, and so on.

Hair clips will certainly keep those hairs in place whether you pick bobby pins, neutral hair clips, or colorful ones. Either way your gymnast will certainly be thanking you because there is nothing more annoying than little hairs getting in the way!

4. Hairspray

Seriously buy your gymnast 100 cans of hairspray! I say this because everyday when your gymnast goes to practice or to meets, this product will be used…HEAVILY! Hair clips can break sometimes which is why it is essential for your gymnast to always carry hairspray to keep those hairs slicked-back and out of your gymnast’s face!

Hairspray does come in different colors as well as glitter so your gymnast can get creative and add personality to her hair. During Breast Cancer Awareness month there is a meet called Pink Invitational that helps raise money for breast cancer.

I have seen the gymnasts wear pink hairspray to support the cause and go along with their theme so don’t think having fun with hairspray is a waste!

5. Headbands

Headbands are not usually worn during meets but are definitely worn during practices. Hair clips can be misplaced, break, or get lost and sometimes gymnasts run out of hairspray and forgot to pack and second can or just did not have any extra. That is why your gymnast should keep a few headbands handy in his/her gym bag.

Now, I am not talking about the hard annoying headbands that dig into the skin on the back of the ears, but the stretchy athletic ones. You can find these headbands at clothing stores or accessory stores (like Charming Charlies or Claires) and they are also sold at sporting goods stores.

6. Hairbrush

If your gymnast’s hair is smooth and perfect after a meet or practice then you have to tell me your secret! Every gymnast’s hair that I have ever dealt with would stay stiff and in place even after you take the hairtie out.

Gymnast’s hair are filled with sweat, hairspray, gel- whatever works and keeps the hair pushed back and out of the face. Your gymnast should keep a hairbrush or comb in his/her gym bag because you never know when your gymnast will need it.

To make hair-washing easier for your gymnast, your gymnast can run his/her brush under water after a meet or practice and try to brush through the stiffness and loosen up the hair as much as he/she can. You definitely do not have to, but even purchasing a detangler will go a long way when it comes to a gymnast’s hair!

7. Tape or Pre-wrap

Gymnastics is rough on the body and can cause rips, tears, and cuts on your gymnast’s hands and feet. Having tape or pre-wrap can actually help your gymnast enhance his/her performance because your gymnast can use the tape or pre-wrap to cover his/her hands and feet for a better grip and to prevent cuts or protect previous cuts from getting worse.

Tape and pre-wrap come in different colors and designs so you can get your gymnast’s team colors without having any problems!

8. Gym chalk

A lot of gyms have chalk that they provide for the gymnasts but it is always safe for your gymnast to have some on hand incase he/she goes to a gym and there is no chalk. Gym chalk absorbs the sweat off of your gymnast’s body so he/she can perform better.

You do not want your gymnast to lose grip due to him/her being sweaty so always make sure this is in your gymnast’s gym bag.

Many gymnasts use it on their hands, feet, and legs because those are the body parts a gymnast works with the most. Gymnasts work hard which means they sweat too!

9. Lip balm

Meets are typically during the colder months which means that your gymnast’s skin is more prone to being dry. Having chapped lips is not a good feeling and is quite irritable, so having chapstick or lip balm is a plus so your gymnast does not have to think about it or be bothered!

10. Hand sanitizer

Your gymnast is using the same equipment as every other gymnast in that gym. Can you imagine how many germs are spread by each gymnast, coach, trainer, or even judge? Germs are even spread by people coughing or sneezing in the stands!

If you want to prevent your gymnast from getting sick, make sure you get hand sanitizer so your gymnast can use it before and after each performance to kill off the germs he/she may have touched.

11. Deodorant or Bodyspray

This is not embarrassing, this is extremely common! Your gymnast is working his/her butt off to make sure he/she gives a great performance. Just like all physical activity- gymnasts sweat. Sweating is a healthy thing that your body does because sweating releases toxins and actually helps with cooling down your body.

Sweating does not mix well with our natural body scent, which is why deodorant and body spray were created! Deodorant will absorb the sweat while giving off a pleasant smell and body spray will basically cover up any body stench (but does not absorb).

12. Face Wash

Usually, your gymnast will have sweat, dirt, hairspray, chalk, and germs on his/her face after any practice or meet. Having face wash in your gymnast’s gym bag can be useful because your gymnast can at least feel a little refreshed after many hours of hard work.

13. Nutritional snacks

Your gymnast practices for many hours and has long days. Your gymnast is also burning a lot of calories and sweating from all of the commitment he/she is putting into the sport.

It is important for your gymnast to refuel so it gives your gymnast the energy he/she needs to keep on working hard! Granola bars, popcorn, cheerios, or even a box of raisins are ideal ideas but you can become creative!

14. Water bottle

Not only does your gymnast need to refuel off of nutritional snacks but your gymnast also needs water, and plenty of it! Water is seriously the best thing for your health and body and I have noticed that you tend to drink more if you have a waterbottle with you rather than running to the water fountain all of the time.

I love the insulated waterbottles because they keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, which is perfect for practices and meets since there isn’t a refrigerator for the team to put all their waters in. Hydro Flasks are very popular for insulated waterbottles, but if you want a cheaper alternative then I would suggest RTIC.

Do not feel like you have to get an insulated waterbottle because there are so many different types of waterbottles out there. Find one that works for your gymnast because he/she will be using it daily!

15. Gymnastics level pins

Something that I enjoy seeing at meets are the level pins on all of the gymnasts’ backpacks or gym bags. These pins are sold at meets, are cheap, and are purchased by many.

These are adorable because every level has a different color, design, and style and it’s cool to see all of the levels the gymnasts have competed on. Your gymnast doesn’t have to put it on their bag but can place them literally anywhere. These pins remind gymnasts of their accomplishments and how far he/she has come!

Please feel free to comment below for any tips, ideas, or feedback that we may have missed when it comes to purchasing gifts for gymnasts!

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