Gymnastics Home Equipment: A Short ‘n’ Sweet Guide

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There is no doubt that your gymnast wants to practice gymnastics not only at the gym, but in the comfort of his/her own home too.

One thing to remember is that by having home equipment for your gymnast to practice on will only benefit him/her when it comes to gymnastics because he/she will be able to take what he/she learned and work on it at home.

I would recommend supervision of course because it is possible for your gymnast to get hurt at home just like it is possible to get hurt at gym.

Before you panic and think to yourself that you have absolutely no idea how to make this happen, just know that I am here to help!

Beam Set For Home

Beam sets are perfect for the gymnasts that need to practice or work harder on their beam skills. There are different types of beams and honestly the choice is up to you and the space you are working with. There are folding beams, sectional beams, high beams, and low beams.

The most common beams that I have seen in gymnast’s homes are folding beams. I personally like these as well because you can fold them up and store them anywhere; they also are pretty lightweight yet sturdy.

Another thing I like about folding beams is that they lie on the ground therefore you do not have to worry about injury too much since your gymnast will not be high off the ground.

If you are thinking of getting a beam set, we have a separate post on beam for home practice.

Panel Mat Set

Panel mats are important because not only can your gymnast practice on them, but they are used for the safety of your child.

Panel mats are placed all over gyms and you will see them during practices and meets. They are placed under each event in case your gymnast makes a mistake and falls; it is there to support him/her to reduce risk of injury.

Panel mats are also typically softer on the hands and feet therefore your gymnast will not put much stress on his/her hands and feet while practicing on it.

Besides using the panel mats for safety, your gymnast can use it to practice floor routines and his/her tumbling skills. There are so many different purposes for these mats so having one in the house would be beneficial for sure.

If you are interested in purchasing a panel mat set, we have a more detailed post on mats for home.

Bars Set

Bars can be difficult to get used to and takes a decent amount of time to become adjusted to. Gymnasts who have been practicing FOR YEARS even struggle sometimes on bars.

The higher the level, the more advanced the skills become on each event. If your gymnast is having a hard time with bars then I would suggest purchasing a bars set or even a pull up bar.

Bars are mostly upper body strength which can be tough to build up especially if your gymnast is just starting out. If you are not ready to purchase a bars set, then purchasing a pull up bar would be great. The pull up bar will give your gymnast the opportunity to begin to work on his/her upper body strength and learn how to carry his/her weight.

Tumbl Trak seems to be a popular brand that many gymnasts use. They offer many different sizes and sets according to the level your gymnast is on. Purchasing a kip bar would probably be best to start because it will familiarize your gymnast with bars since kips are important when it comes to the bars.

We also have written a comprehensive buying guide on gymnastics bars for home use.

Vault Set

Vault is the event at a gymnastics meet that lasts less than a minute. It is almost as if you cannot blink because if you do, you may miss your gymnast perform!

Vaults are pretty big and bulky, and not many people have room for them in their homes. Good thing there are different vaults sold online that are more accommodating to your home and the space you have to work with.

The vault event is not easy, in fact it is quite difficult. I have seen gymnasts run into the actual vault because they were running too fast or didn’t spring in the right spot. I have also seen gymnasts fall to the sides, or land incorrectly.

It is more than just jumping over something, there is a particular way it has to be done and there are certain skills that have to be completed for the vault.

If you are interested in purchasing a vault set, you can read our vault buying guide.

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