What Your Gymnast NEEDS in Their Stocking This Year

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October just kicked in this week with Halloween just around the corner. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and then the best time of year will be approaching- Christmas.

How awesome, and may I say cozy, is the Holiday season? Who does not love the constant smell of cookies that linger around the house, the warmth from the fireplace or from drinking hot cocoa, wearing fuzzy socks and oversized sweaters, or the appearance of Christmas lights and all of the decorations?

I STILL to this day have not met one person who does not enjoy those things.

Besides all of those lovely things, it is important to know what to “stuff” in your little gymnast’s stocking this Christmas. Below I have put together a list of things that I thought was necessary for a gymnast to have in their stocking.

Just for Hair

  • Hair ties and Scrunchies

    If you are part of the gymnastics community than you know how important hair ties and scrunchies are! Your gymnast wears both (or one over the other) to every practice, meet, or event. 

In fact, your gymnast becomes so used to her hair being pulled back into a pony-tail or bun all of the time that she may wear it like that daily, even when she is off from gymnastics. I definitely have to say that gymnasts did bring back the style of the scrunchies (and I love it)!

  • Hair clips

    Who else hates “fly-aways” and baby hairs besides myself? Nothing is more annoying than little hairs flying in your eyes! Not only that, but it can become extremely distracting for gymnasts while they are performing.

Just think about it, your little gymnast is on the beam concentrating on what she is doing, doing a back walkover and BAM! Little hairs get into her eyes and she loses her balance and falls off.

Well, I probably am being a little dramatic but it can very well happen. Hair clips are important in the gymnastics world because they keep those little hairs from getting all over the place- plus they decorate and add color to your little gymnast’s hair.

  • Hairspray

    Just like the hair clips, hairspray also keeps hair in place so it does not cause any distractions. The cool thing about hairspray is also to give your gymnast the “clean, slicked-back” look that is elegant for meets. Hairspray also comes in different colors (as well as glitter) to add personality to your gymnast’s hair.

The entire team of the little gymnast that I support wears pink hairspray in their hair during the October meets to support and spread awareness for breast cancer.

  • Headbands

    It is always safe to pack headbands because hair clips can be lost easily if you misplace them and hairspray may run out. Headbands are great for a gymnast to use on the fly when they are stuck with nothing to pull back those little hairs!
  • Hairbrush

    Have you ever felt a gymnasts hair after practice or a meet? Their hair is stiff as anything from ALL of the hairspray that they use. I honestly think that every gymnast goes through one can of hairspray in maybe about three hours- and I am totally not kidding about that.

A hairbrush is beneficial for a gymnast because after practice/meet- wherever, she can run it under water and brush through her hair so it is not so stiff!

Just for Looks/ Performance

  • Tape or Pre-wrap

    THIS IS A MUST! Gymnasts cut up their bodies so much from all of the wear and tear they do from constantly using their hands and feet. Having tape and pre-wrap can enhance their performance by letting them cover up their “rips and tears” to prevent further injury.

These two things also help with giving a gymnast a better grip. Nowadays, tape and pre-wrap come in many different colors and designs so it is super easy to get your gymnast’s team colors or crazy designs.

  • Gym chalk

    Gym chalk is very, very, VERY important when it comes to gymnastics. Naturally, when dealing with cardio and using our bodies- we sweat. Sweating, however, can cause a gymnast to lose grip while performing. Chalk is used to absorb the sweat from the gymnast’s hands, feet, legs, etc. to help them perform better.
  • Face stickers/ Wash-off tattoos

    This is not a complete necessity but I have seen teams at meets wear stickers or wash-off tattoos on their cheeks. This looks cute on the girls and it also adds more gymnastics spirit. I mentioned above that the gymnast that I support, her team uses pink hairspray to support breast cancer awareness during the month of October.

Another cool thing that they do during that time is wearing pink ribbon wash-off tattoos on their cheeks. The idea is adorable, and it is for a great cause.

Just for Hygiene

  • Lip balm

    It is that time of year when the weather gets colder and your gymnast’s lips are prone to become cracked, dry, and chapped. Lip balm is a plus for a gymnast to have because it is never-ever fun to have dry, crack, chapped lips because honestly, it is just uncomfortable- plain and simple.
  • Hand sanitizer

    This time of year does not only bring in cold weather, but it also brings in germs. Your gymnast is using the same equipment as a hundred other gymnasts so obviously germs are going to spread.

Someone might sneeze into their hand and then perform on bars with another gymnast touching the same spot. When your gymnast has hand sanitizer handy than he/she is able to use it before or after using the equipment.

  • Deodorant or Body spray

    There is no denying that your little gymnast does work hard while at practice or while at a meet. Between warm-ups, moving constantly, maybe being nervous trying a new skill or performing in front of a crowd, the constant running, tumbling, jumping, swinging, your gymnast is building up quite the workout.

What happens when your body is doing so much activity? Right! We sweat! Deodorant is obviously used to absorb sweaty armpits and give off a pleasant smell (and not an onion-type smell) and body spray covers up other odors your gymnast’s body might give off. Sweating is great for our bodies though.

Sweating releases all of the toxins within our bodies so luckily there are ways to “cover-up” the natural stench!

  • Face Wash

    Just like deodorant and body spray, face wash is beneficial for your gymnast to be able to clean the sweat and dirt off of his or her face after practice or a meet. A gymnast washing his or her face is also refreshing.

Just for Energy

  • Nutrition snacks

    I am not talking about sticking apple slices or carrot sticks in your gymnast’s stocking, but something like nutrition bars or little bags of popcorn or boxes of raisins are just perfect. Your gymnast is burning a lot of energy while practicing and performing, therefore he/she needs something to fuel him/her right back up!
  • Water bottle

    To be completely honest I have noticed that the intake of water increases when you have an actual water bottle with you. The gymnast I support (along with a lot of her teammates) own Hydro Flasks. These water bottles come in different sizes and colors, and keep your water super cold for up to 24 hours.

There are a million different types of water bottles out there, plus your gymnast needs to stay hydrated at all times. Water is the BEST THING anyone can drink so investing in a water bottle is not a bad idea.

Just for Fun

  • Gift card to your gym’s store

    I swear everything the gymnast I support wears on a daily basis comes from her gym’s store. You honestly would think that she is their walking advertisement and I know she is not the only one in the world who is like that. Gymnasts love supporting their home gym, so a gift card can go a long way.
  • Gymnastics level pins

    I LOVE THESE THINGS! I love when I go to a meet and I see all the gymnasts different level pins on their backpacks. These pins are usually sold at meets and they are inexpensive. The pins are a memorable keepsake because it reminds a gymnast where they started and how far along they have come.
  • Drawstring bag

    Where else would a gymnast pack their snacks, water bottle, extra clothes, hairspray, hair ties, little first aid kids, tape, grips, and everything else you put in his/her stocking.? He/she obviously cannot carry it around in his/her hands, so a cute and fashionable bag would be 100 percent useful!

Please feel free to comment below and include anything that I may have missed or to give any advice when it comes to stocking your gymnast’s stocking!

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