How To Properly Care and Maintain Your Inflatable Mats

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Airtrack mats for home

The average gymnastic mat lasts about three years. To get the most out of your inflatable mat and possibly extend its lifespan, be sure to follow these four simple steps. These straightforward and easy steps will help you stick to a regular maintenance routine. You live for gymnastics. You love gymnastics. Your kids live and breathe gymnastics. Or, maybe, it’s … Read More

Air Mat vs. Tumbling Mat: Which Is Best for Gymnastics?

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airtrack vs tumbling

One of the great things about gymnastics is that it’s easy to practice without a lot of complicated equipment. This is especially true when you’re first starting out. If there’s one training aid that all aspiring Olympians can benefit from, it’s a dedicated tumbling surface a.k.a mats. Portable mats and tracks make drilling dangerous skills much safer. Some can even … Read More

Gymnastics at Home Equipment: What You Need to Have

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Gymnast practice at home

Are you looking for a way to help your gymnast improve her skills? Home gymnastics equipment is the perfect way to help your gymnast practice and improve her skills. Not only does it allow for extra practice at home (Remember, repetition is key), but it’s also a great way for her to show you what she has learned in gym. … Read More

Best Gymnastics Vault for Home Practice

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Meet season is approaching and your gymnast wants to improve her skills on vault, right? Vault is part of artistic gymnastics alongside floor. Vault is a quick event when it comes to gymnastics meets, it may only last a few seconds so it is important not to blink! No, seriously. Do not blink! Vault is not as easy as it … Read More

So, What is a Vault in Gymnastics?

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gymnastics vault multiple exposures

Hello, gymnastics community! Today in this post I will be discussing “the vault” to help you understand more about it. Have you ever been to a meet or to a practice and wonder what that giant object is that your gymnast uses to perform a skill? You know, the giant thing your gymnast runs towards with all his/her might? The … Read More

Gymnastics Grips Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Grips for Your Needs

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So as a gymnast you are getting everything you need to be the best gymnast you can be, but OH NO! You forgot something that is actually important…Grips! What are Gymnastics Grips? A gymnast will typically wear grips while working with uneven bars (female) and on the high Bar and Still Rings (male). Gymnasts will wear their grips on their … Read More

Best Gymnastics Bars for Home: What to Look For

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gymnasts on gymnastics bar

Having a gymnast in your house means that even if they’ve just finished a three-hour practice, they will still be flipping throughout the house. So why not get the equipment (e.g. gymnastics bar) to help them with their gymnastics practice at home? Benefits of Having a Gymnastics Bar at Home A gymnastics bar is the perfect addition to your home … Read More

Best Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice (2023)

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For any budding gymnast or even an experienced tumbler, having a dedicated space to practice is invaluable. Gymnastics mats for home use provide that essential cushion and support, allowing for safe and comfortable practice sessions.  After all, if you’ve spent any time around a passionate gymnast, you’d know they can turn just about any space – including the living room … Read More