What to Put Under the Tree for Your Gymnast This Year

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I recently just wrote a post on what to stuff your young gymnast’s stocking with this Christmas, and now I am getting to the bigger and maybe even to the more exciting things! With fall kicking in and the Holiday Season around the corner, it is only natural to start wondering what to put under the tree for your gymnast.

Fortunately for you- there is plenty of time to think and decide on what things to get, but I hope that my list will help you make up your mind.

For Wear

  • Fuzzy Plush Pajama Pants

    Let me tell you something; these plush/fuzzy pajama pants go A LONG way for gymnasts. I have never seen anyone wear these things as much as gymnasts do especially in public! The gymnast that I support has about 10 pairs of these PJ pants along with all of the other girls on her team.

But you know what? I don’t blame them! These PJ pants look super cute and they definitely are comfortable just by the way they feel. With meet season here during this time of year, the PJ pants keep the girls warm which is definitely a bonus because honestly- does anyone like to hear their young gymnast complain?

If you do not know where to find these pants because sometimes it seems impossible, you can find them at Justice or your local Marshals/Tj Maxx.

  • Slip-on (Slides) Flip Flops

    These are beneficial for gymnasts because as you know, gymnasts do not wear socks and sneakers on their feet while performing whether it is practice, training, or during a meet. Having a gymnast wear socks and sneakers to any of those events basically just takes up unnecessary time.

It may become a hassle to constantly put on socks and sneakers to go to the bathroom or to get something from the snack stand. Whatever the situation may be, slip-ons are the answer. Your gymnast will be able to just slide into them and off she goes! It is just easier when it comes to time restraints.

  • Leotards

    Do I even have to explain this one? If you know a gymnast, you are aware that the only clothing she wears and owns is a leo!

From blue to pink, to orange, to purple, to ombre, to sparkles, to sequins, there are hundreds and hundreds of different leos out there that you can get for your little gymnast. Always remember one thing…your gymnast can NEVER have enough leos!

Your Ultimate Gymnastics Leotards Buying Guide

  • Team Jacket/Coat

    Gymnasts love supporting their team so why not give the gift of a nice puffer coat or sweatshirt that has your gymnast’s team’s name along with her first or last name, or her initials.

The gym that the gymnast that I support sells North Face jackets with their team name stitched onto it, and it is super cute! I am positive that every gym store sells things that are similar, so let your little gymnast show her support for the team!

  • Large Gym Bag

    Where is your gymnast suppose to put all of the cool things Santa brings her? That’s right, a gym bag! Your gymnast will have things with her at all times such as her grips, athletic tape/pre-wrap, hair ties, band-aids, hairbrush, hairspray, flip flops, extra pair of clothes, etc. so she/he needs a place to put everything.

For Practice and Training

  • Beam Set (Folding, Sectional or Low)

    These beam sets are AMAZING for practicing at home! They are pretty lightweight and can be stored basically anywhere. Gymnasts are going to want to practice outside of the gym, therefore having a beam on hand is a great necessity.

My favorite is the folding beam because it is durable yet soft and sits flat on the ground, so if your gymnast makes a mistake it is almost impossible to get hurt.

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  • Panel Mat Set

    What does your gymnast do when she is not at gymnastics? Does it happen to actually be gymnastics? I am pretty positive that is your answer, and if it is you definitely need to invest in a panel mat.

Your gymnast can practice cartwheels, handstands, back-walkovers, front-walkovers, back handsprings, front handsprings, back tucks, etc. on this type of mat. It is something to have especially if your gymnast is trying to get used to or improve her tumbling and floor skills.

Gymnastics Mats for Home Use Buying Guide

  • Bars Set (Pull-up Bar)

    What better way for your gymnast to enhance his/her upper body strength than bars set or a pull-up bar? Gymnasts use every single one of their muscles when performing and training, but it seems like gymnasts use their upper bodies the most.

Think about it, your gymnast needs the support from her upper body for all of the events (bars, beam, vault, floor) so what are you going to have her/him do? Lift weights? I don’t think that would be a good idea.

If purchasing bars set, please make sure that it does come with a mat to place underneath to prevent serious injury in case your gymnast falls.

Which Gymnastics Bars is Best For Home Practice

For Encouragement

A cool thing to add on is that these girls have book signings all over the country so it is a plus if you are able to take your gymnast to get their book signed by their favorite Rio US Gymnast!

For Fun

  • Gymnastics Medal Holder

    Where the heck is your gymnast going to put all his/her medals that he/she receives!? A medal holder is a PERFECT gift for a gymnast because you can get one that is plain or one that has crazy designs, one that is personalized with your gymnast’s name, or you can get creative and make one yourself!

There are a ton of unique and cute medal holders on Etsy that you can find. Another cool idea is a plaque as well. For example, the gymnast that I support has plain white medal holders. However, I like crafting so I made her a plaque last Christmas out of wood and wood letters that are placed above her medals.

Obviously, anyone who walks into her room knows those are her medals with or without the plaque, but it definitely adds some personality and color to her collection!

  • Personalized Gymnastics Ornament

    Ornaments are always sentimental gifts for Christmas. I know that every sport that I have played, or even my brothers, our parents always gave us athletic ornaments that had our names monogrammed onto them.

If your gymnast is just starting out, or maybe just simply loves the sport, I highly recommend getting this for him/her because it is something that your gymnast will be able to hold onto forever and remember all of the great times he/she had.

  • Wall Stickers and Posters

    What gymnast doesn’t love a gymnastics themed room? Wall stickers and posters are the perfect touch-ups to any gymnast’s room. There are plenty of posters and wall stickers that have inspirational quotes and sayings, and there are also posters of famous gymnasts along with Fatheads.
  • American Girl Doll Gymnast

    American Girl Dolls are classic, and I honestly do not know any female that does not have one. Young athletes still love to play with their toys, so getting an American Girl Doll gymnast would be personal and special to your young athlete.

It is basically having like a mini “her” and you can also purchase gymnastics equipment and gymnastics clothing for the doll. It is another object that she will be able to keep forever and can even pass onto her future daughters.

There is a huge American Girl Doll store in New York and I know you can take your doll there to “pamper” it so that could be a fun experience to go along with purchasing the doll as well.

  • Gymnastics Phone Case

    What better way to personalize a gymnast’s phone than a gymnastics phone case? You can find phone cases everywhere but you can also personalize your own by putting a famous gymnastics quote or your gymnast’s name with a gymnastics silhouette.
  • Photo Album/ Scrapbook

    This is a great idea especially for a gymnast on a higher level. This would be another personal gift and you can place the pictures in order starting from the very beginning to the level your gymnast is at now.

Time really does fly by, and this is a cute way for your gymnast (and even you) to be able to flip through and reflect on memories. I do warn you- it most likely will become emotional to see how much your athlete has grown and how far he/she has come so make sure to have tissues beside you while looking at it!

  • Charm Bracelet or Necklace

    It is always nice to have a piece of jewelry, so why not surprise your little gymnast with jewelry that includes their favorite sport! Like I mentioned above- Etsy is great for this kind of stuff, especially if you want it personalized. I am sure your gymnast’s gym store will have jewelry like this as well.

Please feel free to comment below and include any ideas that we may have missed. Also, please read the article about what to stuff in your gymnast’s stocking if you are stuck for ideas!

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  1. My Grand is 7yr old and is very interested in gymnastics and I’m excited for her but I don’t know what to buy and how many outfits should I buy so where and who can I talk to? About this?

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