Where to Find Great Gymnastics Leotards

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Whether your daughter is in recreational or competitive gymnastics, she will need leotards. In fact, even if your gym doesn’t require gymnasts to show up in a leo at their first class, your daughter will probably want one.

If she is like most gymnasts, she’ll probably want more than one. Most gymnasts have entire drawers or sections of their closet dedicated to their gymnastics leotard collection.

As a gymnast’s parent, it’s just something you accept. You can learn how to decrease the investment associated with these collections by learning where to find great gymnastics leotards and how to make leotards last longer.

Before getting a leotard, you may want to first read our leotards buying guide to help you decide on the right leos.

Where to Buy Gymnastics Leotards?

At first, you may be surprised how much leotards cost, especially when you consider how little fabric you get in return. But, eventually, you’ll get used to the cost associated with these garments. 

An average training leo can cost $40 to $50, and a competition leo can be significantly more. To save yourself money, you need to learn the best places to buy gymnastics leotards.

1. At Your Gymnast’s Gym

Most gyms sell a limited amount of leos. Usually, these garments are found in the office or lobby area of a gym. In addition to leos, you can usually find shorts, grips, paws, and some at-home equipment at your local gym.

The benefits of buying a leo at your daughter’s gym is that she can try it on before you buy. It also allows you to avoid shipping costs associated with online purchases.

The problem with buying leos at a gym is the selection isn’t the best, and sizes are limited. Some gym managers will order a leo for you, but not all will offer this perk. If you have to special order a leo, it may be more expensive than if you would have ordered it yourself online.

2. Buy Gymnastics Leos Online

There are a ton of gymnastics leotards available online, which means your gymnast can choose a leo that she really wants, and provides you with the best opportunity to shop around for great prices. A huge disadvantage of buying leos online is your daughter won’t get to try it on before you buy.

Since different leo manufacturers have different size charts, you have to carefully measure your daughter every time you order a leo online and make sure to match her measurements to the company’s size chart.

Even after careful measuring, she may not like the way the leo fits or feels when it arrives in the mail. To avoid being stuck with a leo that your gymnast doesn’t want to wear, you need to make sure you read the leo company’s return policy before placing an online order.

Here is the list of places where you can get leotards online:

  • GK Elite: The most well-known and respected gymnastics leotard company in the market today.
  • Alpha Factor: They are very popular. Their leos are extremely well-made and also come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.
  • SnowFlake Designs: They offer great leotards at affordable prices. A lot of people say SnowFlake Design leos fit great, looks great and well made. You can easily order their leotards online through their website.

    Make sure to check their Amazon listing out as they usually offer some deals there.
  • TumbleWear: It’s another popular small leo company is. TumbleWear offers both long sleeve and short sleeve leos in a variety of colors and sizes.

    Gymnasts can choose long sleeve or tank training leos and can even have a custom made leo from this company.

    They sell online both through their site and Amazon.
  • DGS (gymsupply.com) is one of the largest gymnastics supply and equipment company in the US. Since 1995, they have been selling home-use gymnastics equipment. They have decent selections of leotards too. Check them out here.
  • Amazon: Amazon is usually the cheapest place to shop for gymnastics leotards online, you can find a lot of variety of leos with great deals there.

    However, you have to spend some more time looking around to find the one you want.

3. Shop for Gymnast’s Leos at Boutique Stores

You can also shop for gymnast’s leos at boutique stores, dance boutiques, and consignment shops. Just like buying a leo at your daughter’s gym. The bonus with buying a leo at these places is your daughter will get to try the leo on before you purchase it.

However, the cons associated with buying a leo from any of these stores is that the selection will likely be extremely limited and the prices will usually be pretty high.

After all, this may not be the perfect list. If you got your leotard somewhere else, then please share with us how and where you get your leo by leaving a comment below!

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