Male Gymnastics Gift Ideas

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So, you’re here reading this post because you’re stuck when it comes to gift ideas for your male gymnast. Believe me, I know gifts, in general, can be quite tough to figure out because it is hard to think of the best gift to give to that person.

If I am being honest, males, in general, are hard to shop for and find gifts for! Every year I find myself struggling and stressing out when it comes to purchasing gifts for the men in my family around birthdays and holidays.

If you are like me, then you like giving gifts of meaning while adding some creativity. This post will definitely help give you a handful of ideas when it comes to personal and unique gifts that your male gymnast would appreciate!

Gym Bag

Every gymnast needs a gym bag! Where else will your gymnast put all of his stuff during practices and meets?

A duffle bag is ideal and would probably work best. You can get his favorite color(s) and even get his name engraved on it along with his team name or an emblem. If a duffle bag is too big then try something smaller like a drawstring bag that can be personalized as well.

You should be able to find a gym bag in local stores. However, if you prefer the convenience of buying stuff online, Amazon has a great variety of them from the different brands with different styles, colors, and sizes all in one “store”.


You can never go wrong with buying your gymnast a leo because there is no such thing as too much leos!

Seriously, gymnasts LIVE in leos and are always asking for new ones because they are either worn out, maybe they grew out of them, or their style probably changed. There are so many different types of leos out there in the world so have a variety to pick from.

Where to get gymnastics leotards?


I always enjoy giving and receiving ornaments especially if it is for a holiday or if your gymnast’s birthday is around the holidays.

Ornaments are personal and have meaning. You can purchase any type of gymnastics ornament and get it personalized with a quote, a little note, your gymnast’s name, maybe his team, or maybe just the year. Ornaments are something the person will have forever, so it is always nice to look back at what your gymnast has done and accomplished in his life.

Award/Accomplishment Display

What better way to organize your gymnast’s ribbons and medals than to get an award display? You do not necessarily have to purchase this one at a store because you can also make one yourself, and have fun doing it!

To give an example, I had made one for a gymnast I know. I purchased a white plaque, small wooden letters, and gymnastics stickers from my local craft store. I painted the wooden letters with my gymnast’s favorite colors and spelled out: “Isabella’s Gymnastics Medals”.

If you are not a creative person or simply do not have the time to put something like this together, then I suggest Etsy. You can literally find anything personalized and unique on Etsy and you will be supporting people’s small businesses!

Hydro Flask (Insulated) Water Bottle

I am suggesting this because I use mine every single day during physical activity and throughout the day in general. A Hydro Flask is a type of water bottle that will keep your cold drinks ice cold, or your hot drinks hot.

They sell different types of hydro flasks and they also sell them in all different sizes and colors. You can also personalize one if you like as well. Another thing that I like about these water bottles is that they do not break easily at all.

In fact, my Hydro Flask has been thrown, dropped, left outside during storms (and during the blistering summer heat) and there is not one sign to show! My Hydro Flask seriously looks brand new and I am hoping that it stays like that so I will have it forever!

This is just a great idea because your gymnast will be able to have cold water all of the time for when he works hard.

Where to get Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask is a very established brand. So, you depending on where you are, you might be able to buy their double vacuum insulated water bottles in local stores which carry their brand. If not, you can just purchase online on their site.

Another option is that, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get them on Amazon with free shipping (everyone loves this) with your Prime membership.

Gift Card to Sporting Goods Store

This is an idea for when you are last minute in getting a gift. You cannot go wrong with purchasing a gift card because it gives your gymnast the option to pick out whatever he wants, needs, or even likes. Maybe he needs more active shorts or a new pair of sneakers. Maybe he needs equipment for home training or new grips for meets.

A gift card is also beneficial to give when it comes to not knowing the size(s) of the gymnast you are purchasing for. Whatever the case may be, he will surely appreciate the gift card for sure because it will be put to good use!

If you want your gymnast to have even more flexibility in what he wants or needs. An Amazon gift card would be a great choice. You can easily purchase it online on their website, have it custom made with your own design or pictures, and print it at home! Click here to purchase a custom made and print at home Amazon gift card.

Gymnastics Apparel

Gymnasts love supporting their team so purchasing an article of clothing from his gym store would be a great gift. Maybe you could purchase a team jacket or sweatshirt and have the item of clothing personalized with his name on it.

Gymnastics is year round but meets are usually during the cooler months, so it will keep him not only stylish during meet season but warm as well!

If a team jacket or sweatshirt is out of the picture then maybe there is a shirt that has an inspirational quote that you think describes his hard work and dedication that he would wear. Do not think that the gym stores only sell shirts and sweatshirts, they have sweatpants too that will relate to his team or even the USA Gymnastics team!

Gymnastics Inspirational/Motivational Posters

I know that when I was involved in sports as a kid, I always had posters hanging up to remind me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Gymnastics is an extremely hard sport and a lot of people do not understand that. People do not get that it takes days, weeks, months, and even years to accomplish a skill and how hard you have to work in gymnastics.

Yeah, it may look easy at times but I promise you that gymnasts put their entire heart into the sport. Sometimes gymnasts can get discouraged because of a fear or mental block that they have, so motivational/inspiring posters are a good reminder to your gymnast that he is amazing, is doing a great job, and to not give up on his goals and dreams!

Please feel free to comment below to give any feedback, advice, or ideas that we may have missed when it comes to purchasing male gymnasts gifts!

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