Gymnastics Skills to Practice at Home

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gymnastics skills to practice at home

We know quite a number of you attend sessions but would still need to hone your gymnastics skills by practicing them from the comfort of your home. Here are tips for home training that can significantly help improve gymnastic skills.  We have created exercise plans to help you improve your gymnastics skills from the comfort of your home. Because there … Read More

Xcel Program in Gymnastics: Everything You Need to Know

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The Xcel Program is a program run and recognized by USA Gymnastics, the governing body of gymnastics for the United States.  The main goal for the Xcel Program is to allow gymnasts to progress and excel in the sport at their own pace with more flexible rules of the game. Many Xcel Programs across the country train fewer hours than … Read More

10 Basic Gymnastics Skills You Need to Know

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Just like with anything else, learning gymnastics is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. However, with diligence and a willingness to learn and master the basics, you can be on your way to becoming formidable in the sport. This article will cover the 10 basic gymnastics skills you need to know as a gymnast. Did you know that something as … Read More

What is AAU Gymnastics

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what is aau gymnastics

AAU Gymnastics is an amateur gymnastics organization in the United States. The acronym AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union, and it is a separate and different league from USA Gymnastics. Typically, gymnasts will not participate in both organizations; they will choose to be in one or the other in a given year. Gymnastics is an entertaining sport that involves a … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the “Twisties”

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When Simone Biles unexpectedly pulled herself out of the gymnastics team final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she sent shockwaves throughout the world. She had just competed on vault, and her scary performance may not have registered as such in the minds of casual gymnastics fans. But the faces of her teammates said it all: Biles had narrowly avoided disaster.  … Read More

Gymnastics TOPs Program: Everything You Need to Know

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Gymnastics TOPs Program

Gymnastics TOPs Program The Gymnastics TOPs Program, or Talent Opportunity Program, is a talent search for female gymnasts between the ages of 7-10. Potential gymnasts are evaluated, and those who qualify are invited to the National TOPS Training Camp, giving them a chance to develop their talent.  What Is TOPs Program? What is TOPs, and why does it matter? The … Read More

Compulsory vs. Optional Gymnastics: What’s The Difference

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Compulsory and optional gymnastics might sound independent of each other, but you can’t have one without the other. Every gymnast in the United States begins at the compulsory level before entering optional gymnastics. Knowing the difference is a crucial part of understanding the sport. Without understanding where a gymnast starts and what they are working toward, the pathway to success … Read More

How To Properly Care and Maintain Your Inflatable Mats

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Airtrack mats for home

The average gymnastic mat lasts about three years. To get the most out of your inflatable mat and possibly extend its lifespan, be sure to follow these four simple steps. These straightforward and easy steps will help you stick to a regular maintenance routine. You live for gymnastics. You love gymnastics. Your kids live and breathe gymnastics. Or, maybe, it’s … Read More

The Complete Guide to Gymnastics Levels

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Gymnast doing bar event on competition

Gymnastics levels are designed to help gymnasts understand where they are in their skills and serve as a guide for which skills a gymnast should learn next. Levels also determine which competitive events a gymnast can participate in. There are two programs: Junior Olympic and Xcel, that gymnasts usually advance through. Each program has its own set of requirements.  This … Read More

Best Air Track Mats for Gymnastics Home Practice

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best air track mats

The 5 Best Air Track Mats for Gymnastics: For a quick reference, these are the five best air track mats for gymnasts: 1. AirTrack Factory Air Track Mats – Best Overall, top quality 2. FBSPORT Inflatable Training Mat – Runner-Up 3. AKSPORT Inflatable Floor Mat – Best Value 4. EZ GLAM Inflatable Tumbling Track Mat – Most Stylish 5. DAIRTRACK IBATMS … Read More