10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Gymnasts

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Your gymnast’s birthday is coming up and you are wondering what you should get for her birthday along with telling friends and family what they could get for her as well.

Lets totally be honest with ourselves; if you have a gymnast in your family you better realize that anything that she wants, will revolve around gymnastics or be related to gymnastics.

If you are stuck on ideas, you are in luck! Below I have listed 10 things that your gymnast will love to receive as a gift on her birthday!

Team Jacket

Every sports team offers “team jackets” and what better way to support your gym than to wear a team jacket? Your gymnast is proud to be a gymnast, and a great way to show off her favorite hobby, as well as team spirit, is to stay warm in a cozy jacket.

There are different options such as heavy coats, spring jackets, full zip jackets, pull-over hoodies, and half-zip pullovers. The best way to explore your options is by going to your gymnast’s gym and going to the gym store to see what looks best.


Never think your gymnast has enough leos! If your gymnast is anything like the gymnast that I know, then I understand that they LITERALLY live in leos. I can not even remember the last time I have seen my gymnast wear anything else besides a leo…to be quite honest she just puts normal clothes on top of her leo!

This is something you can never go wrong with. There are many different patterns and styles of leos so two leos are never alike, which is great because this is the perfect gift for when you are completely stuck on ideas!

Where to get gymnastics leotards?

Medal Holder

Your gymnast has a million medals from all of her accomplishments but nowhere to put them, right? Well, this is the perfect gift to unclutter all of your gymnast’s medals and for her to show off all her placements.

I have seen personalized medal holders on Etsy that are extremely cute, but if you have a creative mind then I would do a DIY to make the gift extra special. Last year I gave a gymnast I know a medal holder that I had made out of a wood plaque, along with 3D gymnastics stickers, and wood letters, I got them all from Michaels craft store.

I bought a white plaque and painted the letters multicolored and hot glued them along with the stickers to the plaque. The plaque read “Isabella’s Gymnastics Medals”.

I had a lot of fun doing it, and it made the gift much more special because it was unique. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, so if you are interested in this idea then I recommend browsing to get inspired.

Personalized Gym Bag

Every gymnast NEEDS a gym bag. Where else is your gymnast going to put her shoes, her jacket, her socks, her extra pair of clothes, extra leo, hair spray, hair brush, scrunchies, band-aids, and the million other things gymnasts use?

Gym bags are super beneficial therefore you can never go wrong with getting her one. To make the gift more fun, you can get it personalized with her name and her team on the bag. You can also pick out colorful bags as well so the bag is not too bland.

Personalized Ornament

I always loved receiving ornaments as gifts regardless of the time of year. An ornament is something a gymnast can hold onto forever to be able to look back and remember the gymnast she is and how much she enjoyed her time being involved in gymnastics.

Ornaments are personal too, and not many people think to give ornaments as gifts. I know there are plenty of places that will personalize the ornament by engraving your gymnast’s name on it, or whatever you want on it. This is also a great birthday gift idea if your gymnast’s birthday is around the Holidays.

Gym Store Gift Apparel/Gift Card

If your gymnast is not giving you any gift ideas or is stuck on what she wants, then this is your safe route. Your gymnast will like picking out a t-shirt, or a leo, or an accessory that has to do with her team.

The gym stores usually have a lot of merchandise and a lot of different things to pick from, they also like to switch up their styles so the gymnasts do not keep purchasing the same things. Just like the team jacket, gymnasts in general like supporting their team.

Gymnastics Mat

What do gymnasts love doing outside gymnastics? That’s right, more gymnastics! It is like every gymnast breathes, thinks, dreams, and definitely lives as gymnasts. Everything is gymnastics if you have a gymnast.

Gym mats can be pricey, but sometimes you can get a good deal. Your gymnast will definitely get your money’s worth, that is for sure! A mat is safe for your gymnast to practice on because it is squishy to help prevent injury and to protect her from when she messes up or falls.

A mat can also be folded up and stored in her closet or under her bed for easy access as well.

Basket of Accessories

  • Scrunchies
  • Hair Spray
  • Bandaids
  • Tylenol
  • Pre Wrap
  • Hair Clips
  • Water Bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Headbands
  • Hair Brush
  • Deodorant
  • Lip Balm
  • Gym Chalk
  • Nutritional Snacks

Honestly, that is only to name a few. A gymnast will go through those things like crazy because she will be constantly using them. A basket of accessories would make a great gift because not only is it a bunch of little things for her to open and receive, but your money will not go to waste and the products will come in handy.

All of this stuff would be perfect to put into her gym bag as well (wink, wink!).

Gymnastics Outfit for [American Girl] Doll

I am now 23 and I still have my American Girl Doll and all of her matching outfits with me! This is a cute idea if your gymnast is into dolls and likes to match her doll with herself.

They also sell gymnastics sets for American Girl Doll as well, such as bars and beam. The American Girl Doll gymnastics collection is so cute, they even have medals! If your gymnast does not have an American Girl Doll or is not specifically into dolls then you could always build a bear at Build-A-Bear-Workshop.

You can personalize your bear and it is more sentimental as well.

Gymnasts Jewelry

Your gymnast needs jewelry for when she dresses up for special occasions so why not incorporate her favorite thing? Etsy sells a lot of different personalized jewelry when it comes to bracelets, charms, necklaces, and so much more.

I know stores do sell plain gymnastics jewelry as well without any personalization if you or your gymnast is looking for something plain. My local Kohls sells a lot of “hobby” pendants so it doesn’t hurt to try your local department stores. For girls, you can never go wrong with jewelry. At least with this, she can still rock her favorite thing to do while being a fashionista!

Please feel free to comment below to give any advice, feedback, or to simply add on to our list to help give our readers some ideas when it comes to giving birthday gifts to gymnasts!

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