To My Gymnast’s Coaches, Thank You

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To my gymnast’s coaches,

I want to start off by saying that you are doing an amazing job. I cannot imagine what it is like to teach boys and girls such a difficult sport, and I admire your passion for doing so. When it comes to practices and meets, you are always giving the team your best.

It’s like you have backup plans for every situation that occurs so that things work out one way or another. You are always prepared and I cannot thank you enough for all the time, energy, and commitment you put into teaching the gymnasts.

You are a big part of my gymnast’s life. Sometimes I feel like my gymnast is with you more throughout the day than he/she is with me! Either way, I know my gymnast is in safe and caring hands.

My gymnast is still involved in gymnastics to this very day due to how much my gymnast loves the sport and how much you have helped him/her get to where he/she is today. My gymnast started out young and inexperienced, and I cannot help but to be amazed at how far my gymnast has come.

My gymnast has gained incredible self-confidence. My gymnast walks into that gym with his/her head held high and a big smile on his/her face. I would too if I walked into a gym and saw my name hanging on a banner for all to see, and it is all thanks to you!

When my gymnast develops a mental block or a fear of a skill, you are always right there beside my gymnast talking him/her through it. You always know the right things to say to help my gymnast get back up and let me tell you something; that is more than just being my gymnast’s coach, that is being a friend.

Along with me, you are my gymnast’s biggest fan. I have never seen another person cheer as loud as you do when my gymnast has a good meet, good practice or sticks a new skill. It makes me so happy when I see how excited you are for my gymnast and how proud you are. So, just how you are one of my gymnast’s biggest fans, we’re YOUR biggest fan!

I want to thank you for always being honest with not only with me but with my gymnast as well. Honesty is important, and it shows me the trust within the relationship my gymnast and I have with you.

I know that I can talk to you about my gymnast and that you will be straightforward with me. It makes me feel way more comfortable talking about situations or issues because I know our talks are always going to end positively.

You keep my gymnast safe and as a parent, that is a big fear of mine! I would never want to see my gymnast get hurt, naturally, and I hope you know that I appreciate it. You never push my gymnast too far and you are very understanding of my gymnast’s abilities.

As my gymnast’s coach, you know what he/she is capable of doing. I know that you will never make my gymnast do anything he/she cannot handle, and I love that you take the extra time to really focus on helping my gymnast complete a new skill.

My gymnast is extremely dedicated to this sport. Because of you, my gymnast has grown as a person and has grown along with his/her team. I love going to meets and hearing our team shout, ump, clap and scream for my gymnast during his/her routines! Our team is always the loudest team, and I am so proud of the sportsmanship you teach.

I have to thank you for caring so much. Every single time you are concerned when my gymnast is having a rough day or when you feel like something is off, you never hesitate to call me. Instead of yelling at my gymnast and telling him/her to “get over it” or “to stop thinking about it”, you pull my gymnast aside and do what you can to help.

Along with the caring topic, I think it is awesome that you sit the team down and talk about being a family when gymnasts start having issues with other gymnasts on the team.

I know it is only natural to get on each other’s nerves when you are around each other every day, but the fact that you care about the team getting along instead of ignoring their issues with each other is just wonderful. It really is.

You always have an enthusiastic vibe to you, and I think it is great that you give your gymnast’s different opportunities. It is so cool to see my gymnast working with different Olympians and coaches during camps and clinics that you hold at the gym.

I want to thank you for being open-minded and letting my gymnast learn different ways of things rather than just your way.

As my gymnast continues to progress, it will be hard when the time to say goodbye comes. You helped shape my child into the gymnast he/she is and I can only hope that you continue to follow and support his/her journey going forward.

Thank you for being an incredible coach, a wonderful leader, and a great friend.

Love always,

Your #1 Fans

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