7 Best Air Track Mats for Gymnastics Home Practice (2023)

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An air track mat is a gymnastics equipment that allows your child to practice gymnastics skills at home with ease. But with so many different kinds and brands on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for your family. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best air track mats for home gymnastics practice! Keep reading to find the perfect fit for your family.

What Exactly is an Air Track Mat?

Air tracks are inflatable mats that look like long, narrow rectangles. These versatile mats, ranging in width from three feet and extending up to twenty feet, offer a unique blend of functionality and convenience.

Unlike traditional tumbling mats or trampolines, air tracks provide a bouncy surface that’s perfect for tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading, and more. Their inflatable design means they are easy to store when not in use, making them an excellent choice for home use.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills or a professional seeking a reliable practice surface, this guide aims to simplify the selection process. We’ve considered various factors like durability, size, material, and price to bring you the top air track mats suitable for any home setup.

Our Top Picks for Best Gymnastics Air Mats

These are the seven best air track mats for gymnasts in our opinion:

  1. Home AirTrack Pro: Best overall choice for their wide range of sizes and heavy-duty materials.
  2. Tumbl Trak Air Floor: Our runner-up, a proven brand, praised for being eco-friendly and offering various lengths and a 2-year warranty.
  3. FBSPORT Inflatable Training Mat: Best value on the market, boasting a large color and size selection with adjustable pressure.
  4. AKSPORT Inflatable Floor Mat: Amazon’s favorite option, known for many options and the ability to attach multiple mats.
  5. EZ GLAM Inflatable Tumbling Track Mat: The most stylish option available, with unique colors and adjustable resistance.
  6. DAIRTRACK IBATMS Air Mat: A budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality, offering quick inflation and excellent materials.
  7. Milazul Tumbling Track Air Mat: An honorable mention, valued for its affordability, easy setup, reinforced features, and included warranty.

Whether you’re seeking durability, style, or a wallet-friendly option, our top picks offer something for every gymnast’s needs.

Gymnastics Air Mat Buying Guide

Why Get Inflatable Air Track Mats?

Practice does indeed make perfect, especially when it comes to gymnastics. If there’s an aspiring gymnast in your family, providing a safe space for practice between lessons becomes crucial. Watching them perform flips on the grassy backyard or the hard basement floor can be nerve-wracking.

But what’s the solution if you lack the proper space at home for safe tumbling?

While grassy backyards and carpeted basement floors offer some protection, they can’t completely guard against potential injuries, particularly for those still learning the craft. An inflatable air track mat, however, can make all the difference.

Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to consider investing in a gymnastics air track mat:

  • Safety First: These mats provide a cushioned and springy surface, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing for safer practice.
  • Versatility: Not just for gymnastics, air track mats can be used for cheerleading, martial arts, and other physical activities.
  • Convenience: Easy to inflate and deflate, these mats offer quick setup and compact storage, making them suitable for small spaces.
  • Performance Enhancement: The professional-grade surface aids in improving skills by offering a consistent area to practice.
  • Fun and Encouragement: A dedicated practice space at home can boost the enthusiasm and confidence of young gymnasts, encouraging them to pursue their passion further.

An inflatable gymnastics mat might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Continue reading to explore more about how these mats could benefit the gymnast in your life, including detailed reviews of the best air track mats available on the market (our top picks mentioned above).

Choosing the Right Inflatable Tumbling Mat

Tumbling requires space, and not every home has room to build a dedicated area for young gymnasts. That doesn’t mean your kiddo has to skip home practices or that you need to fork over money for gym space.

Inflatable air track mats solve space and safety concerns, allowing young gymnasts and tumblers to practice at home. Selecting the perfect mat requires consideration of specific needs such as the space available, desired features, and the intended use, particularly for tumbling.

airtrack flip home
Practicing on AirTrack Factory inflatable mats inside the house. Source: airtrackus.com

Air Track Mats for Tumbling

Tumblers require resistance, cushioning, and springiness, all of which air track mats can provide. These mats offer adequate floor padding to reduce the chances of injury, enabling advanced maneuvers and making them a preferred choice for tumbling practice.

What To Consider Before Buying an Air Track Mat?

Inflatable air track mats represent a significant investment. Here’s what you should keep in mind before making a purchase:


Air track mats are long, thin inflatable rectangles, but that doesn’t mean they all have the same dimensions. It’s a good idea to measure the spaces you intend to use the mat most often and choose a product that works with the smallest dimensions.

Dimensions vary, ranging from 3 to 5 feet in width and 6 to 20 feet in length. Consider your space constraints and the preferred layout.


Most inflatable mats are four (4) inches thick, meeting the minimum suggested thickness. However, you can find products that are 6 or 8 inches thick for increased protection.

Some companies offer 12 thick inflatable mats, but you can expect to pay far more for them. However, it may not be the best option for smaller children who could fall off the air track at that thickness.


Many inflatable air track mats look similar if you line them all up, but digging deeper, you can find slight differences that may elevate one product over another. High-quality materials, special valves, air pumps, and even handles could help you choose one mat over another.

  • High-quality materials include double-walled fabrics and commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, but you may find lesser grade materials that hold up well enough.
  • Valves matter when you have to inflate and deflate quickly.
  • Air pumps may or may not be part of your purchase, so it helps to read the product description closely. Additionally, manual pumps may not be as helpful as electric ones.
  • Handles and carrying bags included with your mat can make transporting them easier if that’s something that matters to you.
  • Velcro along the edges can help secure the mat or allow you to connect more than one. Not all mats include velcro, but it’s something to consider.

Price and Warranty

Like most products, you get what you pay for with inflatable tumbling mats. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar to get a reasonable product, but it helps to set a budget and stick to it.

Don’t forget to consider any warranties or customer service supports included with the purchase. For example, you have two mats at similar price points, but one offers a two-year warranty and the other doesn’t. The mat with the warranty will probably have better build qualities and last longer.

Most high quality inflatable mats out there offer a two-year warranty.

airtrack flip home
Using an air track mats in the backyard. Source: airtrackus.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Air Track Mats

Purchasing an air track mat is a significant investment, and you may have some lingering questions. Here’s a collection of some of the most common questions and answers that may assist in your decision-making process:

1. Air Track Vs. Tumbling Mat: What’s The Difference?

Traditional tumble tracks provide cushioning similar to trampolines, while air tracks utilize air to create both spring and resistance.

Traditional tumble tracks are generally less expensive and require no power for setup, while inflatable air tracks, though requiring inflation, can be easily stored in compact forms when deflated. 

Read our comprehensive article on the differences between air track mats and tumbling mats.

2. Are Air Track Mats Safe For Home Use?

Yes, air track mats are ideally suited for home use due to their portability and easy storage options. They provide a convenient solution for safe practice at home.

Given the speedy setup, you can get the mat out for practice then pack it up and put it away to reclaim the room for other uses.

3. What Pressure Should I Use For An Air Track?

The proper pressure depends on the user’s weight and the type of sport. It’s important to consult the user manual for your air track to determine the proper pressure. 

You can adjust the “bounciness” according to your needs. Most products provide charts based on activity and weight, but a general rule is to add enough air so that you don’t bottom out.

4. How Much Do Air Track Mats Weigh?

It depends on the brand, size, and materials used. While inflatable air track mats tend to be lightweight enough to transport when deflated, that doesn’t mean they weigh the same.

Based on our research, you can find a significant weight difference ranging from around 20 pounds up to 45 pounds.

5. How Long Does An Air Track Last

Lifespan depends on usage frequency and care. Proper maintenance and storage can significantly prolong the life of your air track mat.

6. Where To Buy An Air Track Mat?

For a wide selection of air track mats, you may want to consider browsing through gymsupply.com, Tumbl Trak, and Amazon. 

Gymsupply.com offers specialized equipment tailored to gymnastics needs, Tumbl Trak provides high-quality training products, and Amazon offers a vast selection that allows for convenient comparison and access to multiple customer reviews.

back handspring airtrack

Best Air Track Mats for At-Home Practice

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at our top pick for the best air track mats designed for at-home practice.

1. AirTrack Factory Air Track Mats – Best Overall

Originating from AirTrack Factory, the pioneers in inflatable tumbling mats – they’re like the “OG” air track mats maker. The Home AirTrack Pro Mats have maintained their reputation for quality and innovation. 

With their continuous advancements, the company has expanded their offerings, making it possible to equip your home with a comprehensive tumbling setup using their range of products.

Their most sought-after mats include the Home AirTrack Pro lines, though they also offer a more budget-friendly version, simply named Home AirTrack.

Key Features:

  • Portability and Ease: Effortlessly inflate with the included pump, and when done, deflate, roll, and store.
  • Quality: Constructed with heavy-duty, double-wall fabric and commercial-grade PVC, these mats are both lightweight and durable.
home airtrack pro 1
The Home AirTrack Pro Mat is the best inflatable mat you can get, it’s 8″ thick.


  • Available in various sizes and two colors.
  • Comes with a foot pump for hassle-free inflation.
  • Designed for easy portability.
  • Offers free shipping.


  • Priced higher compared to some alternatives.
  • Limited availability on Amazon; you can get them at gymsupply.com instead.
Home AirTrack
The more affordable Home AirTrack mat, it’s 4″ thick. It’s adequate for most gymnastics home practice.

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: starting at $275
  • Size: 10 feet, 16 feet for the Home Airfloor, up to 26 feet for the largest mats
  • Weight: 45 pounds (Home Airfloor)
  • Thickness: 4-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch options
  • Material: heavy-duty, double-wall fabric and commercial-grade PVC
  • Accessories included: foot pump, user manual

AirTrack Factory developed the first inflatable air track style mat, but the company never stopped improving the model. Today, you can build an entire gym for your favorite tumbler with a wide range of AirTrack Factory products.

2. Tumbl Trak Air Floor – Runner-Up

When discussing top-notch gymnastics equipment, Tumbl Trak always finds its way into the conversation. Their training products consistently rank among the best, and the Air Floor is no exception.

Notable Features:

  • Material Quality: The Air Floor is constructed from eco-friendly vinyl. This isn’t your ordinary vinyl, though. It’s enhanced with a reinforced woven base fabric. This combination ensures that the mat resists tearing, wearing, and peeling, standing out from many competitors who opt for less durable vinyl types.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re running a professional gym or building a home training zone, this mat fits the bill. The Air Floor comes in three sizes: 3-meters (10 feet), 4.5-meters (15 feet), and 6-meters (20 feet). Plus, if you need more length, multiple Air Floors can be seamlessly joined using the Velcro flaps provided.
  • Design: Recognizing that safety and confidence go hand in hand, Tumbl Trak has designed the Air Floor with a generous width of 5 feet, giving gymnasts ample room to practice. The mat is 3 inches thick, ensuring cushioned landings.


  • Backed by endorsements from Olympic athletes and reputable coaches.
  • Has a history of over 20 years, proving its reliability and trustworthiness in the market.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty, a testament to its durability.


  • One precaution to note is its bouncier rebound compared to rod floors. It’s not designed to be used alone on hard surfaces. For optimal safety, it’s recommended atop spring floors, tumbling strips, carpet foams, or panel mats.

The Air Floor isn’t just a consumer favorite; it’s also endorsed by experts. Notably, Dr. William Sands, a renowned sport scientist with over 40 years of experience in Olympic sports and notable stints at the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics.

He recognized its superior rebound qualities when compared to traditional spring or rod floors. With over two decades in the market, families trust the Tumbl Trak Air Floor for home use, thanks to its durable, eco-friendly construction. And with a 2-year warranty, Tumbl Trak stands confidently behind its product.

3. FBSPORT Inflatable Training Mat – Best Value

FBSPORT’s inflatable air track mats offer more color selections and multiple size options to meet nearly any home gymnast’s needs. Coming in at a lower price point, it’s a viable option for those who can’t swing the AirTrack Factory products.

Aside from color and size selections, you can choose between 4-inch and 8-inch thick mats to meet your needs. The company also notes that you can adjust the firmness depending on whether you want a firmer or bouncier surface.


  • Eleven colors and 27 sizes to choose from
  • High-quality materials with v-drop stitching for durability
  • Set-up and teardown within minutes
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Adjustable pressure to take your mat from bouncy to rock hard


  • Disappointing customer service
  • May have some quality control issues

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: starting at $130
  • Size: 3.3 feet X 6.6 feet up to 3.3 feet X 40 feet
  • Weight: starting at 42 pounds
  • Thickness: 4-inch or 8-inch
  • Material: 500D Filament Grade and high-quality PVC tarpaulin
  • Accessories included: electric air pump

FBSPORT’s mats have thousands of positive reviews and plenty of options to create a customized look. It’s a versatile choice for people seeking a portable yet durable mat.

4. AKSPORT Inflatable Floor Mat – Amazon’s Favourite

AKSPORT created a package deal that attempts to balance selection, quality, and price. Not only do you get a durable mat in your choice of size and color, AKSPORT includes a suitable carry-bag, repair kit, and electric air pump.

Like other inflatable floor mats, AKSPORT’s are easy to set up, tear down, and transport, but you can also attach more than one mat to extend your tumbling space. It’s lightweight enough to move around but heavy enough for safe tumbling and dancing.


  • Five color options, 22 size options
  • Waterproof and versatile
  • Can attach multiple mats together to extend space
  • Includes carry-bag


  • May not last as long as other options
  • Possible quality control issues with the electric pump

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: starting at $127
  • Size: 3.3 feet X 9.8 feet up to 6.6 feet X 40 feet
  • Weight: starting at 25 pounds
  • Thickness: 4-inch or 8-inch
  • Material: 100D Filament grade double-wall fabric and PVC tarpaulin
  • Accessories included: electric air pump, repair kit, carry bag

It may not be as durable as some of the other options, but it’s affordable and includes helpful accessories. This mat may be an excellent option for beginners who aren’t sure how invested they are in tumbling yet.

5. EZ GLAM Inflatable Tumbling Track Mat – Most Stylish

With a name like EZ GLAM it’s easy to imagine something stylish, and these mats don’t disappoint. Choose from colors like glitter and rainbow, and a range of sizes to fit your gymnast’s style preferences.

Though style matters, it’s not the only consideration, and EZ GLAM didn’t sacrifice safety or durability with these mats. The company chose high-quality materials to withstand the impact from tumbling and dancing across the inflated mats.


  • Awesome color options, including rainbow and glitter
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Features side handles for transport while inflated
  • Set-up or tear down in one minute or less


  • Limited customer feedback
  • Included carry-bag only fits the mat

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: starting at $120
  • Size: 3.3 feet X 10 feet up to 6.6 feet X 27 feet
  • Weight: starting at 25 pounds
  • Thickness: 4-inch or 8-inch
  • Material: double-wall material, commercial grade PVC tarpaulin
  • Accessories included: air pump, carry bag, patches

While there’s not much customer feedback for additional insight, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since we didn’t find negative reports. EZ GLAM’s products may be the best bet if you want to show off more personality than you can with a typical blue or pink inflatable mat.

6. DAIRTRACK IBATMS Air Mat – Budget Option

DAIRTRACK IBATMS rounds out the list with a basic inflatable mat for a reasonable price. You don’t get a lot of options for color or size, but the price is tough to beat, especially compared to other products

This inflatable air mat uses double-wall material and commercial grade PVC tarpaulin for durability and safety. Additionally, the mat features reinforced side seams and high-quality velcro to connect more than one for an extended tumble space.


  • Three color options and five sizes available
  • High-quality materials, including canvas handles
  • Quick and quiet inflation
  • Excellent price point


  • Limited color and size options
  • Possible quality control issues with discolorations reported on some mats

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: $128 up to $310
  • Size: 3 feet X 9.84 feet up to 3 feet X 20 feet
  • Weight: starting at 22 pounds
  • Thickness: 4-inch
  • Material: double-wall material, commercial grade PVC tarpaulin
  • Accessories included: repair kit, carry-bag, electric air pump

There’s nothing flashy about this inflatable air track mat, but it gets the job done. It’s also affordable and durable enough to handle tumbling practice.

7. Milazul Tumbling Track Air Mat – Honorable Mention

Admittedly, deciding between the DAIRTRACK IBATMS and the Milazul mats proved too challenging. Milazul’s track air mat is slightly cheaper, but may not be as durable as the DAIRTRACK IBATMS, not that either product seems to have significant issues.

Milazul’s mat uses slightly lower-grade materials, but still delivers a safe product that can cushion your gymnast’s home practice space. You also get the same accessories and an extra color option.


  • Four color options and five sizes available
  • Easy set-up and tear down
  • Reinforced valve and side stitching
  • Two-year warranty and service included


  • Slight downgrade in materials
  • Carry-bag may not offer sufficient protection or space for accessories

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: $100 up to $320
  • Size: 3.3 feet X 10 feet up to 3.3 feet X 19.68 feet
  • Weight: starting at 19 pounds
  • Thickness: 4-inch
  • Material: 1500D filament grade fabric, 1.5mm PVC tarpaulin
  • Accessories included: 500W electric pump, repair kit, carrying case, valve tool

The Milazul mat is the most affordable option on the list, but it may not be quite as high quality as the DAIRTRACK IBATMS mat. However, it seems to be durable enough to handle more than a minimal amount of tumbling, especially for beginning gymnasts.

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

Every gymnast needs dedication, precision, and the right equipment. If you’re looking for high-quality mats, both AirTrack Pro and Tumbl Trak Air Floor are excellent choices. They both stand out for their durability and functionality, making them reliable options for at-home practice.

For those looking for budget friendly options, consider FBSPORT or AKSPORT inflatable mat, they are both very popular on Amazon.

That’s all we have, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment and share with other gymnasts in your life!

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