Best Gymnastics Vault for Home Practice

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Meet season is approaching and your gymnast wants to improve her skills on vault, right? Vault is part of artistic gymnastics alongside floor.

Vault is a quick event when it comes to gymnastics meets, it may only last a few seconds so it is important not to blink! No, seriously. Do not blink!

Vault is not as easy as it seems, in fact, it is quite difficult. Believe me, I have seen many tears because the gymnasts do not feel that did a great job or were disappointed in their performance.

So, your gymnast came to you and said she/he would like to have a vault in the house to be able to practice. Are you feeling stuck on what types of vaults there are and which one is right for your home? Hopefully, I can help you with that!

Types of Vaults for Home

I am going to be very honest, having a vault for your home is pretty tough. What I mean by “tough” is that there are not many “legit” vaults out there for you to place in your home and the fact that they are super expensive.

However; there are alternatives vaults that are a lot more price reasonable and will still help your gymnast improve his/her skills. I have listed a few below to help give you and your gymnast some ideas!

Tumbl Trak: T-Trainer for Gymnastics

This piece of equipment is awesome because it has multiple uses. This T-Trainer is safe for your gymnast to practice on because it is super padded and will help your gymnast overcome his/her fear of the vault.

This T-Trainer can be used as a vault table and is padded, it even is shaped like the vault as well. This T-Trainer is bouncy as well so it will help your gymnast get the feel of an actual vault for easier practicing.

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Tumbl Trak: Table Top Vault Blocks

Place these vault blocks on top of a mat in the comfort of your own home and your gymnast will be golden!

These vault blocks are super safe for your gymnast to practice skills on and it will also help him/her transfer the skills to an actual vault. You are able to stack the blocks to the height of the vault the gymnasts use during meets, and the top block is shaped just like the vault table.

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Mancino: Mini Foam Vault Table

If you are looking for something small and something that does not take up a lot of space then this is your answer.

This vault is super soft therefore your gymnast will not injure herself/himself while practicing skills. This mini vault table is reasonable in price and would be perfect to start your gymnast off with.

Mancino: Foam Vault Training Table

I would say this vault is for gymnasts that are more experienced when it comes to vaulting.

When it comes to learning new vaults and training for upgraded vaults, this is perfect for your gymnast. You are even given the option to add a base block for mens gymnastics for it to equal to the vault he will perform on at meets! This vault is padded all around so like the other vaults I included in this post, it is safe for your gymnast to practice on.

Please feel free to comment below and include any advice, feedback, or information when it comes to home vaulting!

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