Top 10 Tips To Become A Better Gymnastics Parent

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Gymnastics is fun

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Gymnasts often talk about how they love gymnastics. They mesh with well with their teammates and have a real connection with the coach. While every day isn’t perfect, it should be a great experience.

Gymnastics is safe

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You don’t have to stay and watch every practice. You might be surprised at how much she will grow as an athlete if you take some time off and then return to see her development. Additionally, it gives kids a chance to gain a sense of independence and create a sense of trust with the coach.

Trust the coaches to do the coaching

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Don’t try to coach from the stands or from the viewing deck because it’s confusing for the athlete and aggravating to the coach. From a coaching standpoint, they don’t tell you how to parent your child because you know what’s best.

Nutrition is important

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Because your kiddo is working out countless hours a week doesn’t mean she should eat as though it’s open season at the buffet. It’s a misconception that because kids spend 12-25 hours a week in the gym, they should be able to ingest 4000 calories a day. While some children won’t take in enough calories, it’s important that your gymnast eat clean.

Just send water

Numerous studies have been done on the many different types of sports drinks and super-waters which are loaded with sugar or other unnecessary ingredients. The young athlete’s body needs H2O. It’s easy to find and cheaper to get.

Summer camp is a week of fun and lifetime memories

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If you want your kiddo to learn a lot of new skills, it’s not happening at summer camp. There simply isn’t enough time for your daughter to learn new skills. Summer camp is a lot of fun and it’s a fantastic experience. Do your research on which camp is the best fit for your child.

If you have a question about practice, go straight to the source

If your daughter comes home with an issue about practice don’t make any assumptions. Remember that there are usually three sides to every story and make a proper inquiry before you make any final decisions.

It’s more than likely that there is an explanation or a miscommunication somewhere. If not, hopefully you can resolve the issue through discussion.

Be on time

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When your daughter arrives late to workout she may have missed warm-up and important instructions. It can be unnerving for an athlete to miss the beginning of workout.

Grips are for grip-strength, they do not prevent rips

On most gymnastics teams in the USA, coaches will let you know when your daughter needs grips and what type of grips to purchase. Often times coaches may have a preference (buckle dowel or Velcro dowel) and rather than having to return something because it’s the wrong brand or wrong fit, it’s better to wait for the coach’s instructions.

Using bribery as a motivational tool is a terrible idea

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One of the things we struggle with as coaches is working against the use of external motivators. Kids should want to be athletes and should want to perform better because of internal reasons – not because they are being paid, being given a new leotard or getting a new cell phone for it.

Talk to your gymnast about dedication, determination, and commitment. Teach her how to set short-term goals and long-term goals and be her biggest fan most of all.


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