Artistic vs. Rhythmic Gymnastics – Which is the Best?

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Artistic vs. Rhythmic Gymnastics

To many, gymnastics is gymnastics! But, to those that know there is a definite line between the two types of gymnastics, artistic and rhythmic confusing the two is almost a punishable crime. Whether you talk to a fan of artistic gymnastics or rhythmic gymnastics, you will likely hear a long story or heated debate about which is better and why. … Read More

Everything We Need to Know About the Balance Beam

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Female gymnast performing on balance beam, close-up, low section.

The balance beam; usually referred to simply as beam, is a women’s gymnastics event. In the Olympics order, the balance beam is the third of four events completed during competition.  A traditional competition beam is raised about 4 feet off the ground, measures 4 inches wide, and is 16 ½ feet long from end to end. The top of a … Read More