Mother’s Day Gifts For Gymnastics Mom

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April showers bring May flowers and do you know what else is in May? Mother’s Day!

What a beautiful sunny month to be able to celebrate Mom and show her how much you appreciate her for being one of your biggest fans, and definitely one of your biggest supporters.

Coming up with gift ideas can be a challenge especially when you have a busy gymnastics schedule, therefore I had come up with this list to help give you some creative and unique gift ideas for Mom this year!

Bag or purse

What Mom does not carry a bag? Whether it is a diaper bag, wristlet, messenger bag, work bag, purse, crossbody, shoulder bag, or backpack; Moms are always carrying some type of bag!

Any type of bag would be useful because Moms are known for packing things for the go and always making sure she has everything she needs for the kids. I know that I personally use different bags for different things so this idea will not go to waste.

Your Mom will love the bag because not one other person in the entire world will have the same bag; so no need for her to worry about someone matching her!

If you want to paint or draw on the bag to customize it, make sure to use fabric paint and fabric markers. These work best with this type of art project and usually stay on pretty good through washes. Make sure to make the bag bright and colorful because she will be wearing it and showing everyone!

DIY Shrinky Dink keychain

I recently just started making these and they come out so cute! I saw this idea on Pinterest and figured I would give it a try and so far it has been a big hit.

The supplies you need for this project is an oven, acrylic paint, scissors, keychain ring, hole puncher and clear (or white) plain shrinky dink paper. You can find all of these supplies at your local craft store however, not every craft store sells plain shrinky dink paper so make sure you check before hand.

You can create whatever they want on the paper. You can draw a picture of your mother and you, or do a handprint, a footprint, write something meaningful, literally anything you little gymnast want!

After you athlete has finished painting, you can cut around the object(s) to get rid of any extra paper. Before we put the shrinky dink in the oven make sure to punch a hole at the top for the keychain ring. You CAN NOT punch a hole after the shrinky dinks are in the oven because they become hard.

You are going to need to use the oven for this project so if you are underage, please ask someone adult to help you.

Place the shrinky dink on a baking sheet and make sure the oven is preheated at 325. Place the baking sheet in the oven for only 2-3 minutes or until the shrinky dinks lay flat again. When you first place the shrinky dink paper in the oven it will curl up but do not worry! It will unfold on its own and lay flat, which is when you know it is done.

If you are still having trouble understanding you can find the directions here. The directions call for mod podge as well but I did without and the paint came out fine and does not wash or scratch off.

Terracotta planting pot with plants

Terracotta planting pots are very popular during the sunny seasons. Terracotta pots are sold in many different sizes, anything from very small to very big! These types of pots are very porous and many plants seem to enjoy having them as their base.

I have painted a handful of terracotta pots and they all came out great! I personally used acrylic paint followed by a setting spray that protects the paint from washing off while I water my plants or when it is raining outside.

Moms love flowers and plants in general so she will definitely need some new vibrant pots to place all around the house for the summer season!


Jewelry making is another unique idea that Mom will love because just like the bag, not one person will have the same bracelet, earrings, anklet, or necklace.

Your local craft store sells many different chains, links, and clamps for you to use along with different colored, types, and sizes of beads. If you are not an expert in jewelry making have no fear for there is another option!

A friend of mine, her mother, and I were really into beading last spring. We bought elastic wire/string from our local craft store and basically every color bead that you could ever think of. We also bought letter beads so we could spell out things such as our names, our initials, little sayings, and so on.

It was fun to do and we loved swapping jewelry; what also was beneficial is that the elastic wire/string made the jewelry easy to take on and off. Just let your creativity break through!

Something personal from local ceramic store

The ceramic store is a great option because the ceramic places have such a variety to pick from. Ceramic stores encourage families (especially children) to be creative and to decorate at your own risk! They have things such as mugs, vases, dishes, bowls, and a lot of other knick-knacks.

The ceramic stores do not only do ceramics, they also offer mosaics, painting canvases, pottery, make glass, and woodshop. Every ceramic store offer different things but your little one will definitely find something special for Mom!

Customized tank top/t-shirt

Moms love supporting their children especially when their children belong to teams. If your Mom does not have a tank top or a t-shirt that has your gym logo on it or anything relating to your gym, then you have to get her one!

Your mom will be able to wear this shirt during your meets to show her support towards you and your team! If your Mom already has a drawer filled with team spirit, you could always make her a shirt by using fabric paint and fabric markers.

You can also get your favorite picture of you two and get it screen printed onto the shirt with a cute quote that reminds you of you and your Mom. If you look online, there are many online businesses that do custom made shirts where you can pick any color shirt and any style of writing.

No matter which option you pick your Mom will love the idea and I guarantee you it will be her new favorite top!

Scrapbook/photo album

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Moms LOVE and I mean absolutely LOVE taking photos. I am sure you dread posing for a million photos at every important event or Holiday, but your Mom enjoys them.

Moms enjoy looking back on memories and remembering the good times she had with you while you were growing up. It may not seem like it but time really does fly by and before you know it, you will be too old or too big for your mom to be carrying you around on her hip and I know she is going to miss those days.

Making a scrapbook or a photo album will be the icing on the cake for Mom. She will probably cry so make sure you brace yourself! You can make a gymnastics scrapbook/photo album that includes all the photos of you and mom from all of your meets.

You can put them in time order and start from when you first began gymnastics to now, or you can just include all your favorite photos together from when you were a baby to your age now. Whatever you decide to pick, your Mom is going to love any gift no matter what!

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