Hospital Emergency Rooms Visits Caused by Sport Injuries.

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This table shows the number of people visiting hospital emergency rooms in 1997 categorized by sports injuries. Note that hunting injuries are not included. In some cases, injuries caused by using equipment are separated from the activity, such as swimming.

The number of people visiting emergency rooms is listed after the equipment/activity and the percentage of patients admitted to a hospital is shown in parentheses.

Note that the table indicates only those sports that recorded 10,000 or more injuries. There are numerous ways to interpret the information above. For example, trampolines are ranked number nine, but the trampolines in question are primarily the backyard-type trampoline.

Horseback riding is ranked seventeenth, but the hospitalization rate is nine percent. One can probably assume that the reason for the moderate incidence of injury, but relatively higher rate of hospitalization is that the rider falls quite a distance from the top of a horse.

Table Source: SIEGEL, L. Trampoline injuries soaring. Salt Lake Trib.(5 November): B1-B2,1998.

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