Halloween Costume Ideas for Gymnasts

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olympic gymnast costume ideas for halloween

Oh, how I love Halloween season! There is nothing like competing with your neighbors when it comes to decorating your house and your yard, carving pumpkins, apple picking, eating candy until your stomach hurts, telling spooky stories, visiting haunted houses and of course, costume picking.

I hope that you can agree with me when I honestly say that picking out a costume each year can be stressful and can even be expensive sometimes. I feel like there is always SO MUCH to pick from but when it comes to Halloween time, I am always stuck!

So, you and your gymnast are coming up with ideas for Halloween but you feel stuck. Let me ask you something: What is the one thing your gymnast owns most of? LEOS! You can do a lot when it comes to leos and each year your gymnast can be something different without having to go out and buy much, or worrying if the costume is out of stock.

If you would like to get a handful of ideas, then keep on reading!

Princess Costume

This would be a cute idea if your gymnast has a sequin or sparkly leo on hand. You and your gymnast could purchase a princess crown and a tutu to match the leo to give her more of a “princess feeling”.

Since Halloween is typically cold, make sure to purchase a pair of white leggings or tights to keep your gymnast’s legs warm.

Ballerina Costume

If your gymnast has a pink leo then this idea would be perfect! Both ballet dancers and gymnasts are super flexible so to see your little gymnast dance around could be quite entertaining.

You would need to purchase a pink tutu to match with the leo, and maybe a pair of ballet slippers. Flesh colored tights or leggings with definitely be ideal and you cannot forget about the ballet bun when it comes to a hairstyle!

Bumble Bee Costume

I always thought this was a cute idea because it looks adorable! If your gymnast has a yellow leo you’re already halfway there.

A yellow tutu, a pair of wings that your gymnast can put around her shoulders (like a backpack) a bumblebee antenna headband, black and yellow striped leggings (tights are good too) or even knee/over the knee socks will totally complete this look.

Lady Bug Costume

Just like the bumble bee costume, this idea is also super adorable! I definitely feel that red is more common than yellow so if your gymnast has a red leo I suggest this costume.

You can complete your gymnast’s ladybug look by getting a red tutu with black polka dots, red wings with black polka dots, and a red ladybug antenna headband. Your gymnast can wear black leggings or tights with this costume as well.

Witch Costume

Who doesn’t love seeing different types of witches each Halloween? Whether they are cute witches or scary witches this idea definitely gets you into the Halloween spirit.

I personally do not think the color of leo matters when you put this costume together. Depending on the color of the leo your gymnast picks out, I would suggest getting a multi-colored tutu to add some funk to the costume and a pair of leggings (tights work) or a pair of striped knee/over the knee socks to go along.

Other things to purchase are A cauldron (for your gymnast to collect candy in), a little broom, and of course a witch hat.

Olympic Gymnast Costume

Source: http://thismamamakesstuff.com

What gymnast WOULD NOT want to be an Olympian for Halloween? This would especially be a cute idea during the year of the Summer Olympics because come on, we all love supporting USA!

There are two different ways you can complete this costume. The first way is to of course have your gymnast wear a red, white and blue leo, or a USA Gymnastics leo. Your gymnast can dress this leo up with a red, white and blue tracksuit (or just red, or just blue, or just white).

Your gymnast can wear a medal she has earned from one of her meets and of course, do not forget the slicked back bun!

The other way to complete this costume is to just have your gymnast wear the outfit without the tracksuit, but still with a medal around your gymnast’s neck.

You can add a piece of paper to her leo (ideally on her stomach right under the chest) that has your gymnast’s last name written on it with a number under her last name. You can also add a ribbon to her bun just to give more color.

There is also this awesome tutorial from thismamamakesstuff.com. The end result looks like the picture above. To check out the tutorial, click here.

Superhero Costume

Boys are not the only ones who can be superheroes, girls (especially gymnasts) can too! Your gymnast builds up so much muscle and definition from all her hard work and dedication that this would so match her lifestyle!

Depending on what superhero your gymnast wants to be, the only thing you have to purchase is a cape with the superhero’s symbol on it and a superhero mask. Usually when you look online to buy this type of thing they sell the cape and mask together. This is a great quick last minute idea since there is not a lot to it!

Fairy Costume

If your gymnast owns any bright colored leos (or sequin/sparkly like the princess costume) this idea could work out, for sure.

The things that would be needed to add onto this costume is a colorful tutu (maybe try to find a glittery tutu), a pair of wings that your gymnast can wear on her shoulders (once again like a backpack) and a wand.

Cat Costume

Source: halloweencostume.com

Does your gymnast own a black leo or a cheetah/leopard leo? If she does, this idea is the answer to your costume searching!

Your gymnast can wear black leggings (or tights), a headband that has cat ears attached to it, and a tail that can attach to the back of her leo. Just like the superhero mask and cape bundle, the cat ears and tail can be seen sold together.

Mermaid Costume

If you are an Ariel lover like me, this costume can be super easy to put together! If your gymnast owns a purple leo the only things you would need are a green tutu, a red-haired wing, and maybe a stuffed Flounder animal to carry around.

Source: halloweencostume.com

I know that mermaid leos do exist, and if that is the case than you would need to find a mermaid tail. This can be hard since there are tails sold that restrain your gymnast’s legs (which causes her to not be able to walk so this is a cute idea for toddlers who cannot walk yet).

However, there are long skirts that are sold (called mermaid skirts) that flare at the end to make it look like a mermaid tail. This is definitely more accessible for your gymnast to walk around in and it keeps her legs warmer!

When it comes to putting your gymnast’s Halloween costume together I highly recommend Amazon before anything else. I say this because Amazon sells literally everything for a reasonable price and typically has everything that you may be looking for (with the option of different styles and colors!).

Amazon also includes endless reviews to help you make your purchase and they offer fast shipping for those of you that wait until the last minute!

To check out some mermaid costumes selections on Amazon, click here.

Please feel free to comment below to give feedback, advice, or even include ideas that we may have forgotten!

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