Father’s Day Gifts For Gymnastics Dad

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Can you believe that it is already June? Can you believe that Father’s Day is around the corner? I sure can’t!

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June, so this year it is June 17th. If you’re anything like me, then you must be rattling your brain around for gift ideas for Dad. Dads in general are pretty tough to shop for, but Dads love anything that their children give them!

If you are stuck for gift ideas for Dad, please take a few minutes and read the gift idea list that I have provided below!

Custom Made Picture

Is there a picture of you and your Dad that you absolutely love? If there is, customize it! You can go to your local craft store and pick up blank picture frames that you can paint yourself and add any stickers, gems, beads or anything you want!

Maybe your favorite picture of you and your Dad was during a meet and you came in first place; paint the picture frame your favorite color and hot glue gymnastics stickers on it. Maybe you are an artist and have beautiful handwriting; if this is the case, write a quote on the frame that speaks out to you that makes you think of you and your Dad.

There are so many different ways you can create this picture and what makes it super special is that it is unique and no one else in the entire world will have the same picture frame.

I have made custom pictures for all my loved ones in the past and they are still hanging around! People love looking back on memories and of course pictures are the best way to be able to look back on fun times.


Dads love hats and hats can be personalized as well. There are sports teams hats, silly hats, brand name hats, visors, hats with sayings on them and many more to pick from.

A cute idea for a gymnastics dad is to get a “#1 Dad” hat to show him your appreciation for him cheering you on. Your Dad and Mom are both your biggest supporters and want the best for you; they would do anything for you.

Hats can be worn all year round so do not think the hat will go to waste. Dads wear hats to sports games, when it is sunny outside, to the beach, to the lake, while bike riding, while taking a walk, to the park, while it is raining outside, going to the gym and basically everywhere and anywhere!

If your Dad does not wear a typical baseball cap, then there are other types of hats to compliment his needs/hobbies!


T-shirts are another great idea because you can customize t-shirts also. Some ideas for a t-shirt could be “#1 Dad” or “#1 Gymnastics Dad”. If your Dad already has a t-shirt with those sayings or something similar, then I would suggest going to your gym’s store to purchase a team shirt that your Dad can wear during meet season to show his support for you.

If you do not like any of the shirts at your gym’s store, then there are many websites online that customize t-shirts so you can have it say literally whatever you want and you also get to pick out the design and colors.

Outdoor Lawn Chair

Every Dad needs one of these to be able to pull out during any activity indoors and outdoors! I remember during my childhood my family owned at least five or six of these chairs, and they were always in the trunks of my parent’s cars.

Summer is kicking in and school is almost finished; this means that you will have summer hours for gymnastics and you’ll be spending more time outside since the weather will be nicer. Instead of practicing gymnastics inside, practice outside and your Dad will be following right behind you with his new chair to be able to relax in while watching you practice!

A perk to having this outdoor chair is that your Dad can bring this inside of meets to sit in in case there is no room on the seating that is provided at that meet. It is lightweight, folds up and comes undone super easily, and comes in a carrying case with a strap so your Dad will be able to just throw it over his shoulder.

Some outdoor lawn chairs are sold with a canopy that can attach to the chair to keep the sun off your Dad’s face, and some include cup holders too!

Insulated Tumbler/Water bottle

This is a great gift in general because insulated tumblers and water bottles are in style right now! Your Dad is a hardworking man who needs his hot drinks to stay hot and his cold drinks to stay cold to be able to keep up with you all day.

A really reliable brand that is definitely budget savvy is RTIC. They sell many different sizes and colors of tumblers and water bottles. There are other things that are insulated besides just a tumbler and water bottle if your Dad already owns some.

If your Dad likes to bring cold drinks and food to the beach, to keep his lunch cold at work, to watch you practice gymnastics outside, or maybe just to bring to a car show; then an insulated cooler would be a great idea too.

Shrinky Dink Key Chain

This is honestly my new favorite thing to make for any loved one! I came across this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and have been making them since! You can either do your handprint or your footprint and yes- both come out great and I would know because I have done both!

In order to do this project you have to order plain clear (or white) shrinky dink paper online, or pick a sheet up at your local craft store. Michaels is my local craft store and I have used the clear sheets and the white sheets.

The paint that worked best for me is acrylic and I have to warn you that depending on your age, this project can be a little messy. The directions are found here to help you create this cool idea.

You have to use the oven for this so if you are not allowed to use the oven please ask your Mom, siblings, Grandparents or your guardian to help you. Once the key chain is finished your Dad can attach it to any set of keys, on his backpack, or anywhere he wants to keep it!


Going to your local ceramic store will be another cool idea because you can personalize these items as well. You can make and paint ceramics, mosaics, pottery, canvases, glass, and wood. Ceramic stores have so much to offer and they usually stock up around the Holiday of that month.

Believe me, these places are meant for kids to make special personalized gifts for their loved ones therefore there will be plenty of Father’s Day stuff! Every ceramic store is different and carries different things, but I promise that you will find something that speaks out to you!

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