10 Quotes to Inspire Any Young Gymnast

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Hello, gymnastics community! Summer is coming to an end which means gymnastics meet season is coming to a start soon. As we all know, gymnastics is an extremely hard sport that includes some serious dedication.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to be an actual gymnast, and I have seen with my very own eyes how gymnasts can become discouraged after a mistake.

To boost the confidence and to inspire your gymnast when she/he is having a hard day, here are 10 quotes that have been recited by famous gymnasts who have been in the same position as your little gymnast plenty of times.

Hard Days Are The Best Days Because That’s When Champions Are Made. If You Push Through The Hard Days, Then You Can Get Through Anything.

-Gabby Douglas

My Message Is To Never Quit, Never Give Up. When You Have A Little Trouble Here And There, Just Keep Fighting. In The End, It Will Pay Off.

-Gabby Douglas

“I Don’t Run Away From A Challenge Because I Am Afraid. Instead, I Run Towards It Because The Only Way To Escape Fear Is To Trample It Beneath Your Foot.”

-Nadia Comaneci

“Jump Off The Beam, Flip Off The Bars, Follow Your Dreams, And Reach For The Stars.”-Nadia Comaneci

“Start Each Day Reminding Yourself: Don’t Let Anything Or Anyone Get You Down. It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day.”

-Laurie Hernandez

“Surround Yourself With The Dreamers. The Doers. The Believers And Thinkers: But Most Of All, Surround Yourself With Those Who See Greatness Within You Even When You Don’t See It Yourself.”

-Simone Biles

“I’d Rather Regret The Risks That Didn’t Work Out Than The Chances I Didn’t Take At All.”

-Simone Biles

“Remember To Have Fun. When I’m Smiling And Having Fun I Perform The Best.”

-Simone Biles

“Success Isn’t Defined By Those Who Fought And Never Fell, But By Those Who Fought, Fell, And Then Rose Again.”

-Nastia Luikin

“Everyone Gets Scared, And Everyone Fails. The Key Is To Get Right Back Up And Try Again.”

-McKayla Maroney

Please comment below and tell us your favorite inspirational/motivational quote by your favorite gymnast!

Photo Credit: Danilo Borges/brasil2016.gov.br

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