Which Gymnastics Bars is Best For Home Practice

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Having a gymnast in your household means that even if they just finished a three-hour practice, they will still be flipping throughout the house. So why not get them equipment to help their gymnastics? If your gymnast is asking for a bar for their birthday or Christmas, you may want to know the best place to buy one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bar for your Household:

▪ What level is your gymnast?
▪ Do you want only a bar or do you want to buy mats for the bar?
▪ Extra equipment you can buy to help your gymnast.

What Level is Your Gymnast:

The skill level of your gymnast is important when deciding what bar to buy for them. Buying a bar for a young gymnast can be beneficial to their development in gymnastics. If you have a beginner level gymnast then you should look into getting a Jr. Kip Barr. Getting a Jr. Kip Bar, from Tumbl Trak, will help them train for their kips. A kip is the most important skill a gymnast will ever learn on bars so getting that extra training at home will only push them further in the sport. Also on a Jr. Kip Bar, they could practice other skills like back hip circles and cast.

You can get the Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar from Amazon with the benefits of its Free Shipping and Amazon’s awesome customer support and return policy.

There is another bar that Tumbl Trak offers and that is the Jr. Bar Pro. The Jr. Bar Pro is for more advanced gymnasts. It would be good for your advanced gymnast to have this bar because it could be used for multiple skills. Your gymnast could work their kips, casting, circling skills and squat-ons. Also, your gymnast could work on conditioning skills, like pull-ups and leg lifts. Working on those conditioning skills will help make your gymnast stronger, which will eventually make their skills better as well.

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If you have a gymnast that is on a team level and is learning how to jump to the high bar, getting the 5-in-1 Bar System, from Tumbl Trak, may be the best idea. With that bar set, it is possible to set the bars far apart and at different heights so your gymnast can go from low bar to high bar. Jumping to the high bar can be nerve-wracking for a young gymnast. If they have the 5-in-1 Bar System, they could practice their jumping on a lower bar setting and by doing so, your gymnast can gain confidence and go to practice ready to take on the real thing.

The Tumbl Trak 5-in-1 Gymnastics Bar can also be easily purchased on Amazon.

Do You Want Only a Bar or Do You Want to Buy Mats for the Bar:

On Tumbl Trak, they give options on whether you can buy only a bar or get a package. Their packages include mats to go under the bar. It may be cheaper to buy their package rather than buying the mats separately.

Having the mats will need to be a necessity. It would be safer for your gymnast to have a mat because if they fell you would not want them to get hurt. Having the mats under the bar will give you and your gymnast’s coaches some peace of mind. Getting the package will most likely be the better fit for your gymnast. Having mats will take up more space but it is better safe than sorry because you don’t want to deal with any injuries. Your gymnast’s coaches will appreciate the safety of mats.

There are different packages because each package comes with something different. Tumbl Trak offers one Jr. Kip Bar package, three Jr. Bar PRO packages and two 5-in-1 Bar System packages. All these packages include the bar (of course), a bar pad, and the mats. Now the difference is the mats themselves. All the mats they offer are safe for any gymnast but the higher number package  (2 or 3) has the most to offer. In JR Bar PRO packages, the 3rd package comes with the most mats out of all three packages. If you are willing to spend a lot of money then the biggest package is probably the best bet for you and your gymnast. Of course, though, I’m sure that no matter what, your little gymnast will be forever grateful for whatever you decide to get them.

Extra Equipment You Can Buy to Help Your Gymnast:

Purchasing a bar for your gymnast will definitely be beneficial to your gymnast’s career but there is more that you can buy to help them improve.

For example, you could purchase a floor bar. Floor bars are essential in practicing handstands and pirouettes. If you put the floor bar against the wall then your gymnast can balance on the bar and learning a handstand on bars is very important.

On Tumbl Trak, they also have a Forster bar. A Forster bar is not a normal piece of equipment that you’ll see in every gym. A forster bar can help your gymnast with clear hips and giants. It is used as a drill and can be very beneficial when wanting to practice certain techniques.

One More Thought:

Tumbl Trak is a very good site when wanting to purchase any gymnastics equipment. But there are also other sites that sell gymnastics equipment. Amazon is another good site you can look at and so is eBay.

If you’re a parent who loves to build stuff for their kids, you could also DIY a bar for your child. Building a bar could essentially be cheaper than buying one but do remember to still buy mats!

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