How Do I become An Elite Gymnast?

simone biles - an elite gymnast

Being an elite gymnast is something that only a handful of people will get to do in their lifetime. If you are an aspiring elite gymnast, a coach wanting to learn how to coach a gymnast to the elite level, or a parent of an elite gymnast, here are some tips for you. Becoming an Elite Gymnast: There are many … Read More

How Do I Become A College Gymnast?


It is almost every gymnast’s goal to become a college gymnast. Becoming a college gymnast is not easy and takes a lot of work but here are some useful steps to help prepare yourself or your gymnast on their journey to college gymnastics. Step 1: Being a Level 10 Gymnast: A very important step to becoming a college gymnast is to … Read More

Gymnastics Must Haves, Gymnastics Essentials and What to Pack

gymnastics what to pack - checklist

A big meet is taking place this weekend and you and your gymnast are putting together a checklist. It’s hard to think of everything that you think your gymnast would need because it is most likely that you may forget a thing or two. This situation can cause stress, and there have been times where I have seen judges take … Read More

10 Quotes to Inspire Any Young Gymnast


Photo Credit: Danilo Borges/ Hello, gymnastics community! Summer is coming to an end which means gymnastics meet season is coming to a start soon. As we all know, gymnastics is an extremely hard sport that includes some serious dedication. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be an actual gymnast, and I have seen with my very own … Read More

How Much Practice Is Too Much or Too Little?


Gymnastics is a sport that needs to be practiced almost every day in order to keep up the skills. But there does need to be a balance because you don’t want to overdo it and you definitely don’t want to underdo it. How Much A Gymnast Should Practice Gymnastics should always be a fun sport, so if your gymnast is … Read More

Mind Over Matter: Mental Blocks


Gymnastics is a fun sport. It is thrilling, an adrenaline rush, and being a gymnast is something that makes life exciting. At the same time though, gymnastics can be a scary, dangerous sport. At anytime a mental block can form, and sometimes it could be the end of gymnastics for a gymnast. But I hope that if anyone reading this … Read More

Gymnastics and Cheerleading: What is the Difference?


Throughout my life, I have heard that cheerleading is not a sport. When you hear the word “cheerleading”, what comes to mind? Pom-poms? Cheers? Football? Of course all of those things are affiliated with cheerleading, but would you ever think of gymnastics? That’s right! Many people actually talk about the two like they are the same. Cheerleading does consist of … Read More

An Open Letter to my Gymnast: Thank You

letter to my gymnast

Dear my Little Gymnast, I cannot believe how fast you are advancing and how fast you are growing up. It feels like yesterday when I used to carry you on my hip, or when your entire little hand could only wrap around my finger. I remember when you would try to do little summersaults on the couch, and when you … Read More

Rips, What You Need to Know


Photo Credit: Grand Forks Air Force Base Gymnastics Whether you have a gymnast, are a gymnast, or are interested in getting your child into gymnastics, there is one thing you will need to expect. Rips. What is a rip? A rip is something that is bound to happen in the sport of gymnastics. When a rip happens, the skin on the … Read More

Gymnastics Grips Buying Guide


So your little gymnast is getting together everything she/he needs to be the best gymnast she can be but- OH NO! You forgot something that is actually important…Grips! What are Gymnastics Grips? Your gymnast will typically wear their grips while working with Uneven Bars (female) and on the High Bar and Still Rings (male). Your gymnast will wear their grips … Read More