Teamwork and Gymnastics


“We work hard every day. It’s hard to do things by yourself, but as a team you can go so far.” -Laurie Hernandez in Rio after USA won a gold medal in gymnastics That says it all, doesn’t it? How do you think the USA women’s gymnastics team dominated the Rio Olympics? Was it because they only focused on themselves … Read More

How Do I become An Elite Gymnast?

simone biles - an elite gymnast

Being an elite gymnast is something that only a handful of people will get to do in their lifetime. If you are an aspiring elite gymnast, a coach wanting to learn how to coach a gymnast to the elite level, or a parent of an elite gymnast, here are some tips for you. Becoming an Elite Gymnast: There are many … Read More

How Do I Become A College Gymnast?


It is almost every gymnast’s goal to become a college gymnast. Becoming a college gymnast is not easy and takes a lot of work but here are some useful steps to help prepare yourself or your gymnast on their journey to college gymnastics. Step 1: Being a Level 10 Gymnast A very important step to becoming a college gymnast is to … Read More

How Much Practice Is Too Much or Too Little?


Gymnastics is a sport that needs to be practiced almost every day in order to keep up the skills. But there does need to be a balance because you don’t want to overdo it and you definitely don’t want to underdo it. How Much A Gymnast Should Practice Gymnastics should always be a fun sport, so if your gymnast is … Read More

Signs Your Gymnast Needs a Sports Psychologist

Everyone knows and recognizes that gymnastics is a very physical sport, but not everyone understands how truly mental the sport is as well. It takes a lot of emotions for gymnasts to be able to do the things they do in the gym. For instance, dismounting from high bars, or tumbling through the air can’t be done without a bit … Read More

The 10 DO’s and DON’Ts of Gymnastics Private Lessons

Do's & Don'ts

About four weeks before the state meet every year, the phone starts ringing off the hook and the calendar starts booking so tightly that to get a private lesson is nearly impossible. There are some very simple guidelines you can follow when you are considering private lessons because they are truly an investment in your child. Do Know The Policy … Read More