5 Steps to Develop Mental Toughness – Flex Your Most Important Muscle

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5. Pursue Growth

Repetition is The Mother of All Skills!

Repetition is The Mother of All Skills!

Learn. Try. Repeat.

Above all else, the mentally tough are learners.

At times, intelligence and natural talent are actually obstacles to success. Some who are born smart and talented never learn to work hard because things come too easy to them. But, when times get tough, they give up.

Mentally tough individuals are voracious readers and love to learn new things. They also recognize the need to continue improving at the tasks they’re already good at. They know that starting out in first place is much different from finishing there.

And when they fall, they realize that mistakes are not failures. They are simply opportunities to learn.

With that learning comes increased confidence that you will do it better the next time.

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