5 Steps to Develop Mental Toughness – Flex Your Most Important Muscle

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1. Develop Emotional Awareness

Develop Emotional Awareness

To be mentally tough, you need to have a deep understanding of what makes you tick. That means becoming sharply aware of your emotions, and learning to control them, instead of letting them control you. If a situation makes you angry, you’re much better off channeling that energy into something productive instead of losing control in a fit of rage.

An increased awareness of your own feelings and behavior in turn helps you to better understand the emotions of others—if you let it. Many people go through everyday life without observing their surroundings, burying their heads in their electronic devices. Law enforcement officers are trained to look at people around them in restaurants and airports and attempt to figure out their stories—such as what they do for a living, their mood, what they’re thinking—based solely on observation.

This simple focused-awareness drill trains a person’s mind to be clued in to what is going on with the people around them, and can be practiced by anyone at anytime. In the business or work environment, it helps you to tailor your strategy specifically to the person or audience you’re trying to reach.

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